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    I was just wondering if anyone had any plans on how to make one? Thought about making one for my walkbehind if it's not to hard. I'm just starting out so trying to pinch pennies where possible. Thanks
  2. dylan

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    They are not hard to make. Copy an existing design.<br>Depends on what kind you want.<br>Fixed or caster wheels.<br>Depends on how much money you want to spend and how many spare parts you have lying around the garage.<br>I built mine for $5. Went to the dump found 2 13&quot; tires, some old angle iron, foam padding, etc.<br>Bought an axle for a few $ and took a seat off an old tractor from behind the barn.<br>Bit of welding and a few bolts ... presto ...<br>no more walking.<br>Easier to do if you or a friend has a welder.<br>The caster wheels would be nicer but they were $50 each.<br>Mine is not too pretty but gets the job done and if you are far enough away, a paint job will make it look just as professional as a store bought one.<br>Good luck.<br>

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