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Anyone recommend a good two wheel sulky?... I just bought a snapper pro sw35 and noticed that there is no bolt holes on the back plate to put a sulky to it... I went back to dealer and they had one left of last years model and it had the bolt holes and I guess they left them out accidentally ?.. Anyways I was gonna order something online and do it myself but wasn’t sure if I had to drill into and I know I will have to now but I was worried it would void the warrenty or something.. When I asked my dealer they said they could drill and it wouldn’t void it and I I could as well and snapper offers one but it is $400 and not sure how good quality it is but when I asked he said velke makes them he thinks... Does anyone have a recommendation on sulkies and was leaning heavily towards two wheel because of the middle line tracking woth a one wheel.. Any recommendations for a snapper sw35 or just any sulkies and if anyone had to drill and which is the best for that because some had the bolts scattered all over and I don’t want to Frankenstein it either lol.. Any info will be much appreciated !


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What deck size do you have. Any deck under 48" would be better with a single wheel.

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