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Sulky For About $12.00 !!


LawnSite Bronze Member
here are some pics of a sulky i just built. i have never seen one up close only in web pages. so if i didnt do something right yall point it out.tell me what would make it better.it articulates up far enough to be stored by the handles and just as far down.and in the pic you can see how far it goes left and right.i need some hints.i only have about $12.00 in material invested.


LawnSite Silver Member
I don't see any pics....


LawnSite Silver Member
looks good. the only thing I would do, is put some type of anti slip coating where you stand. perhaps the stuff they use on the top of skateboards.


LawnSite Senior Member
Cartersville, GA
You could weld a piece of expanded metal (what the gate on a trailer is made out of) to it to keep your feet from slipping. I would think about enclosing the top 1/4 of so you can put toes in it. This will help you to stay on it better also. You can raise your toes up to help stay on when you are turning. Just my .02.