Sulky hitch repair

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    I mounted the hitch for my Velkes on the verical surface at the back of my mower. Over time it has torn the plate from where the holes were drilled to the bottom edge. What I was wondering is how many of you guys have had similar problems, and what you tried, as well as whether it worked or not. Maybe we can come up with something that will help us all and save some time.
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    eslawns - I don't know much about mowers, but is it possible to make a backing piece out of 1/4" plate (in effect a giant washer) with the same hole pattern as the hitch and place it behind the vertical surface on the back of the mower? The more area the plate covers the better, this will help spread out the load from the hitch.

    I did this when I fabbed a plow mount for my truck, the frame is "sandwiched" between the mount on one side and the backing plate on the other.

    Without the backing plate, stress is concentrated around the bolt holes, causing cracks.

    As an alternative idea (if a backing plate won't fit in behind) a plate could be welded on where the hitch mounts, making that portion of the mower stronger.

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    75 is right on. A few years ago I had the same problem that you're having. I took a piece of angle iron (a little more structural strength than flat iron) and cut it so that it was just a inch or so shorter than the back vertical face of the machine. I drilled two mounting holes in it (matching it to the holes already in the deck) and mounted it sandwich style. Haven't had a problem since and at the time the Velkie was ready to pull the back of the machine off - stress cracks galore! Good luck, this is a very simple solution but it works great.
  4. eslawns

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    Thanks, guys. That's pretty much what I was thinking. Maybe I'll email the mfg's to suggest they beef up that part of the mower.
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    I installed my sulky on my mower last year. I didn't think to center punch the wholes before i drilled them, so they were a little bit askew. So my sulky sits a little twisted. It feels like the sulky steers just a little crooked to one side, nothing big. How should I go about rectifying this. Its on the back of a toro/exmark (toro on the exmark chassis. The attachment plate for the sulky is bigger than the verticle surface area of the mower. And the bottom of verticle plate on the mower is rolled towards the front of the mower
  6. My Toros have angle iron added to that critical area.

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