sulky on a gear-drive

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutntrim, Apr 11, 2000.

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    Dave, buy a good motocross kidney belt and wear it while you cut you will be amazesd how much better it is for your back. I use one when I have to do bumpy properties or any lifting etc.
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    Thanks for the info and the heads-up on trannys wearing-out. We may just go ahead and walk this year. My partner and I are each only 30, plus we can take turns sittin' on the Toro Z-150. <p>Our original Ransomes 36&quot; gear-drive is going on its 7th year with somewhere around 5000 hrs on it and still has the original transmission. Guess we must be lucky. We're selling it cause we don't need it anymore, but it still starts 1st pull and cuts clean and reliably.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
  3. Dave wrote:<p>&gt; We may just go ahead and walk this year. <p>Your NUTZ. I have tranny problems because<br>I am 260 lbs and I live in a hilly area.<p>You are a flat lander and if you can keep you<br>operators under 160 lbs the transmissions<br>might not even break.<p>Let me tell you point blank dave you NEED a <br>pair of sulkys. The sulky will pull you around all day in high gear. At the end of the day you won't feel like a dishrag.<br>You can only walk 3 mph average.<p>Buy rocket wheels for $300. It looks like<br>the best one on the market right now IMHO.<p>If you have to spend $180 for a new tranny every season it is still cheaper than blowing<br>out your knees.
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    i meant to make this post here not as a new discusion, the sliders are the best for most operations, email for deatils, also see my other accidental
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    <p>Stone's right...again. On mostly flat to rolling terrain you MUST have a pull behind sulky type device. I walked behind a pair of Bunton gear drives for five years until I wised up. <p>Expect a 15% increase in productivity if you buy the right unit.<p>Rocket wheels is a nice unit but it wouldn't be my first choice for that machine....
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    Can't argue with your logic Lawrence. Thanks for the advice. I go 200lbs, my partner is 160lbs. I'm guessin' you're either 6'5&quot; or have the world's slowest metabolism. Most cutters around here go about a &quot;buck-sixty&quot; 'cause they're sweating all day long (riding or not).<p>Anyway you're right...faster to ride than walk.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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    I know this may not be the right place for this, but when you factor in the greater productivity of a hydro over a belt, and then add the fact that towing a sulky doesn't add to your downtime or repairs appreciably, why buy belt in the first place. I try to buy for value and production, not lowest dollar on the initial purchase. And to me, cheap used machines that you have to plan on fixing regularly are NOT a bargain. I've got 6 seasons on my Howard Price hydro and I don't know how many hours, and repairs have been under $200 total and availability is way over 98%. So tell me again how wise it is to save $1500 up front by buying belt drives. Oh yes,, I pull a sit down, homegrown, caster wheel sulky behind mine.
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    Dave listen to Mr stone. I just barrowd rocket wheels (thinking about buying them) their great. So much better to ride than walk <p>-Nick
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    I have the toro steerable sulky on my gear drive.<br>I am on the second transmission, and <br>6th set of belts<br>400hrs.<br>UHHHHHHH
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    why are you going through so many blades? i sharpen my blades every day or so and they last a real long time before i need new ones!

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