sulky on a gear-drive

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutntrim, Apr 11, 2000.

  1. grass cape wrote:<p>&gt;I have the toro steerable sulky on my gear drive.<br>I am on the second transmission, and <br>6th set of belts<br>400hrs.<p>400 hours is just about right. The needle bearings for the input shaft takes a holiday.<br>But the are not too costly and easily replaced. What happens is the tranny input shaft becomes SO loose that the traction belt<br>jumps right off the tranny input shaft drive pulley.<p>I HAD one of the those self steering sit down<br>sulkys. I bought one ten years ago with a new WB. Because of the steering mech hung so low off the back of the machine it was always<br>getting hung up when unloading. <p>Try a rocket wheels sulky.<p>I hope you saved some of the belts instead of throwing them away. If you adjust the<br>complete handle forward you will pick up <br>adjustment on the upper tension rods and<br>will pick up another inch of belt usage.<p>By adjusting the handle to it's highest position it is the easiest to operate with<br>a stand on sulky.<p>Always make sure you have a good spare tranny ready to install.<br>This keeps your downtime to a min.<br>
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    just using a velke takes that much life off of a trasmission? i have a gravely 36 that is 5 years old (without a velke) that has not had one problem with the tramssmission. i was seriously considering getting rocket wheels this week ornext week but now im having second thoughts.... the mower is not my main cutter, my ztr is but it would be nice to have rocket wheels for those fenced in yards i use it on.
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    My Peerless let go after 1 and a 1/2 years. Since I haven't opened it up yet I can't say what happened to it but it wasn't a problem of the belt coming off. My tranny wouldn't come out of gear once you put it into gear. Any ideas?

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