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sulky rideing


LawnSite Bronze Member
I just orderd a new W/B and am getting a sulky and bagger for it. How hard is it to get used to. Its a new lesco 48 in HD float deck.I havent orderd the sulky yet but want to now since i have the extra money.


LawnSite Gold Member
Its not very hard , just stand on it and hold on, In a few minutes you will have it mastered


LawnSite Fanatic
you will get the hang of it. Actually, the first time that you use it you will think that you're in heaven. You will wonder why you walked all these years

C & T

LawnSite Member
IMO if you plan on laying stripes, get the proslide, if not get the Bull Rider as Doc Pete mentioned. I bought Jungle Wheels and I like them alot but I really only use them in the spring and fall. I use a striping roller from Big League Lawns and using the Jungle Wheels creates conflict (having to get off, lift the Jungle Wheels up so I can do a "3-point turn" to continue striping).


LawnSite Member
if you are looking for a lesco sulky let me know my girlfriend had one put on my mower for a surprise gift.......but i would rather have the pro slide. its brand new just put on yesterday! she will understand .......wont she?