Sulky speed??


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I was just wondering how fast all of you sulky users go when mowing a lawn. I usually go as fast as possible which is fifth gear on my exmark metro ( about 6 m.p.h.) unless the grass is super long or wet then I slow down some. I saw a guy today mowing my apartment complex on a 48" hydro lesco with a sulky and he was mowing at turtle speed. I could have easily walked faster. Was he just lazy, trying to get a better cut, or stuck with a slow mower? How fast do all of you go??


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Alexandria, MN.
Well i own a 48" Exmark Metro HP. Usaully running it in about 3rd gear, this speed seems to give me the best cut. Sometimes i run in 4th, but never in 5th, it just doesn't cut as nice. I want to please my costomers with a clean cut so i use the fastest speed that makes that possible


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Central Texas
I agree with Esby, third on my Toro gear drive units gives the best cut on lawns maintained weekly.


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LGG: What lind of finish cut do you get running your 52" at full speed? I have a 52" Scag Hydro as well and I can't get a "smooth" finish going that fast. I'm runnng at probably 1/2 to 3/4 with a sulky. Tips?


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When you start powersliding on turns, you MIGHT be going a little too fast.