Sulky/Velke compatible w/Scag 48" ProV?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JerseyJester, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I've had my Scag 48 ProV (hydro WB) for a few months and love it, but I would like to start running it at top speed for my larger accounts and need a sulky/velke. Problem seems to be that most are not compatible with the ProV due to how it handles and the obvious issue of backing up. The Scag RS-S single castor wheel is made for the ProV but everyone seems to hate it for one issue or another. The striping issue with single wheels is a concern of mine, so I'm trying to find a two wheel sulky or velke that would work with the ProV. However, I'm assuming it would NEED to be a two wheel castor and the two that seem to work best are the SELBRO Pro 2 or PS-2003 (whatever it is) and this Kage Wheel Kaddy.

    I need some help with choosing what will work best for my ProV so I'm asking if the RS-S is actually as bad as everyone seems to think and if so, what two wheel castor sulky will be able to stay behind the mower, back up without struggling, and will hold weight of 200lbs. Help me out guys. Thanks.
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    ProSlide check it out, the website even shows it behind a scag
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  4. mmacsek

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    We have a 36"ProV and purchased the Scag RS-S this year and love it. It takes about 10 minutes to install and has the latch to hold up if necessary. I'm not sure what kind of problems people have but there was no learning curve. The other thing I like is if I need a part down the road I can get it. Matt
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    I had the scag single wheel sulky, and I couldn't stand the line it left in the middle of the stripe. I run the Proslide sulky now and I love it! I would seriously check it out, you can get some amazing stripes. - Mike

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