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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by marcusvh, Dec 5, 2001.

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    I've spent the last few hours reading through searches on this site regarding Slukies and Proslides, but haven't seen anything yet that actually compares the pros AND cons of the units. I just purchased and Exmark 36" hydro, and need to decide if I'll get a Sulky or Proslide to put on it.

    Everyone that owns a Proslide seems to rave about it, but it must have some drawbacks. Things that come to mind are if you accidently run it across pavement, or if you have long distances between yards but not enough to trailer your mower. I'm also concerned about the turning radius as the Proslide doesn't "fold" into the turn the way most Slukies do. Yeah, I'm already familiar with the springs that need replacing.

    On the Sulky side, about the only drawback seems to be the "jack knifing", but that can be avoided if you use the Bullrider. But isn't it the jack knifing action that gets you the really tight turns?

    Any suggestions that can help me make a decision would be appreciated.

  2. Mark

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    Marcus ive never used a proslide so i can't give any imput on those,was wondering how you back up with them. I have been using the velke brand one wheel now for 9yrs and have never had a problem with jack-knifing, Youll have it down in a week, i go under trees back&fourth at full speed it kinda reminds me of water sking,thats just my choise, I to have heard good things about the proslide just never looked into them. Marks Mowing Service
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    I am not going to go into great lengths as I have in the past. Just buy won't be dissapointed. Your concerns are minimal compared to the quality of ride you will get over a wheeled sulky not to mention when you need to walk a section you don't have to avoid the sulky as it retracts. In other posts people mentioned the spring...I haven't replaced mine in 2 seasons so I don't know what they are doing wrong. Enough said.
  4. TJLC

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    I only know what I've read on here about Proslides. I don't recall hearing anything bad enough to not buy one. I personally switched from a bullrider velkie to an Exmark steerable sulky. I now prefer the sulky over the velkie because it is more stable on slopes and I get to sit down plus it seems to get into tighter spots a little better than the bullrider did. The Exmark sulky is between $600.00-700.00 new. Pricey, yes. My dealer had a used one in his shop in NEW cond. for $300.00 installed. Needless to say I jumped on it and have not regreted buying it at all. Sitting or riding beats walking anyday, imho.
  5. dfor

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    I have a proslide and have never thought of switching to a wheeled unit. I have heard that with the velkies, you feel every bump in the lawn. (hard on the back).
  6. keifer

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    This a little off topic but i got a landscaper supply cat today and it has sulks that look just like the velkie models for a lot less money.
  7. Five big letters VELKE X2.

    There's not much more to say.

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