sulky, with a bob cat (peerless 700 gearbox)


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First of all happy easter all!!!

I wonder if any of you use a sulky with this particular mower and gear box (bobcat 48" belt drive) I bought this old dude and thought I might get a sulky, however looking through the owners manual it says it does not recommend using a sulky with this (peerless 700) gearbox. I just wonder why, I've heard of people using sulkies on belt drives before. One other thing, people wondering if hydro is really worth the extra money...ohhhh yeah, this belt drive is slower, rougher, etc. I hope to make enough money this year, to buy me a hydro in the fall and use the ol bobcat as a back up.....thanks fella's


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Flint, Michigan
I have an old John Deere mower set up the same way. It should be fine. Just make sure you get a 2 wheeled sulky, and not a single. A 2 wheeled will pull with much less resistance, as it has better float. Also, as far as the belts are, make sure they are adjusted right, and go to your local auto store, and get yourself a can of belt dressing. Spray both sides of each belt, and ONLY SPRAY ABOUT AN INCH of surface - just a squirt. This ALL it takes. After that, hang on! This machine will be so responsive, that it may take some getting used to. This thing will "jump" when you let out the handles.


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I have a 32" Bob-Cat with a 12 hp B&S and I run Jungle Wheels with it. Most gear drives I've seen have sulkies attached.