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    Just curious about what type of sulky everyone prefers, the single wheel units or the dual wheel that have the piviting casters? I'm trying to determine which one I want to put on a Exmark Viking I'm trying to get later this year.

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    I have and like the Velke 2 from Wright I use it on a Bobcat 48 and a Scag 36 with no problems. I am around 200 pounds single tire units stop around 185 keep that in mind.
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    The singles leave a visible line and most doubles ride close to the tire marks. My customers are happier with the doubles. The doubles tend to wobble more with age causing some employee complaints, but they like the wider platforms better. The singles also tend to snap back around faster when backing up potentially hurting an ankle if you dont step off. Lastly the singles cant handle the bigger guys. The big guys tend to bust the tubes more often on the singles. Hope this helps.

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