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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Old Red, May 6, 2004.

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    I have a job aerating and overseeding. Wanted to do it this fall but the customer said he wanted it done now. Anyways I sent a soil sample in and the ph is a little high, 7.4. The soil lab says apply sulphur at 29# per 1000 sq.ft. and incorporate to a 6" depth. Well I've aerated this but I'm not able to incorporate anything. Should I put any sulphur on the surface before I slitseed this lawn or hold off on until a later date? The customer wants his lawn seeded as soon as possible.
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    no you shouldn't put sulfer on the lawn before you seed, that sulfer will still be on the surface and will burn out the new seedings. you should do like the extensionist said and apply the sulfer and roto till the lawn. if you choose not to apply the sulfer and wish to bring down the soil ph you can apply sulfer coated urea or scu; this will slowly bring down the soil ph but it will take a long time. even though this would be a new lawn it would still look weak until the ph is around 6.0 -7.0.
  3. Amount of sulfer in scu will have no effect on soil ph, all sythetic fert have an acifying effect! We never applied more than 6 lbs/m of elemental sulfer /season on bentgrass greens. Our ph ran from 7 to 7.6, so I question the 29lbs/m of sulfer. Can you apply sur and seed, I don't know, have no experience, but would think you could apply a small quanity and seed.

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