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Summarize the last three months


LawnSite Senior Member
Took the last three months off from LS... had some intense winter projects going on but now my focus is back on the sprinkler game.

I'm browsing the last few pages but who wants to summarize what's new and exciting? It looks like all the regulars are still around.

What's the opinion on the new RB rain sensor?
Did Dana survive winterizing season? We ended up doing the same number as last season which isn't bad considering the number of foreclosures around here and our prices went up 10%. CaptainRotar put up any new dance vids?

Stuttering Stan

LawnSite Bronze Member
Nothing has changed. We still get off topic on every thread at about the third post. Boots and Fimco still battle like Isreal vs Arabs, Leary continues to be grumpy, Kiril.............. well Kiril is Kiril. Dana, Matt, and Argos survived the retreat. Cappy is in love. That's about all.


LawnSite Fanatic
I survived. For now :)

We did about 5-10 more winterizations than the previous year, sales down 14.5% for the year, good ski/snowboard trip, sprinklers still suck. that about sums it up.


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I immediately investigated Cappy's love life... other than that it seems like more people than usual went to the IA show (the first one I skipped).

Kiril where do you hope coco ends up?
Conan to FOX sounds about right. I don't watch much comedy and yakking with hollywood types but I prefer Conan to all the rest.

Might as well hijack this thread. Anybody watching the Olympics? i'm recording it and FF the commercials, yakking, figure skating, middle parts of the speed and short track skating. Basically you can take a 5 hour broadcast and watch what is truly relevant in about an hour. Figure skating is the biggest friggin beating. Anybody forced to watch that by their wife or significant other? I bet Boots sips green tea with his little finger out watching that stuff. I bet his is also pulling for the Red Chinese. If the red chinese fall on their azzes let me know so I can replay it over some beers.