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SW Missouri
Yes I know it Winter, but I am bidding an upscale development's common areas. They want to know, among other things, what I can do for summer color.
I have little experience with this. Is there a web site with pictures of various summer annuals?
Do you have any ideas? The areas are elevated planters - 9X20. I am in SW Missouri.
Thanks for any help. Jeff


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No.VA, zone 7
Are these elevated planters irrigated? If not, then you will probably want to use annuals that are drought-tolerant.
Vinca, Wave petunias, melapodium come to mind. If they want something more tropical, or unusual looking, then the availability from your local resources become more critical.
Grasses are popular in your area also.


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I have found that wave petunias not to be drought tolerent at all! If you miss watering them just one moring they start to shrivel up! marigolds and bagonias can live with very little water though.


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Lexington, KY
The biggest problem with petunias is they are heavy feeders. AKA they want a fertilizer every 7-14 dys to look at their peak. Vinca is a good drought tolerant annual. Not quite the flower show you'd like though. I agree with begonias, additionally the foliage is attractive on these annuals. Purple fountain grass is a good choice. Very colorful and exotic as well as, cannas. Especially the Tropicanna Series. Salvias are a reliable plant. Very drought tolerant but require deadheading to look their best. Geraniums are good but same as salvia.

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