Summer drought-What work do you perform during these times

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by mikesturf, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. mikesturf

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    I have been catching up on paperwork and doing chores around the house.

    Is there any type of lawn application that can be safely applied now. I was told in another post NOT to apply compost tea during the hot summer months, I should wait until the grass starts growing again-correct?
  2. Smallaxe

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    There are plenty of microbes extant in any soil that isn't frozen but w/out irrigation, the heat may very well be an inactive time for them as well. On the irrigated lawns it may be fine to apply molasses which I intend to do for the dog spot yard... But we definately plan on staying off of the non-irrigated lawns during the hot spell, unless the storms supply adequate water amounts...
  3. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    If I run out work due to heat I go to farm bale hay or take family on vacation
  4. greenpepper

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    I thought I had heard that a foilar tea app before a nasty drought offers some NPP...Is there any truth to that statement?
  5. DAR57

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    I was wondering if I could topdress now since its so slow. Once grass is growing again then go back and aerate? Would that work or not?
  6. ICT Bill

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    Kelp applications are a great heat stress reliever for turf and plants, it is 15% K, the potassium helps but it also has a bunch of different hormones in it as well

    I do not see any reason why not to apply compost teas when its hot, it cannot burn anything, we have bunches of landscapers that apply in the heat, many move to just compost tea after there May or June fertilizer application
  7. jonthepain

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    We apply compost tea with molasses and kelp this time of year. Some fescue clients opt to skip august tho.

    our bermuda, zoysia, centipede and st. aug lawns all look good right now. been 100 degrees here for weeks on end.
  8. JCResources

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    I'm with Jon and Bill apply compost tea all you want in the heat. We are getting great results this summer considering many days this summer over 100. My county is rated abnormally dry by the drought monitor as well. My bermuda lawns look outstanding, fescue lawns under irrigation look good considering the conditions. Cool season lawns around town with no irrigation are completely dormant and have been for over a month.

    Bill I'm going to take your advice on the kelp and work that into the next application.


  9. jonthepain

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    Male, from Raleigh
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  10. NattyLawn

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    I honestly don't think spraying AACT in the heat AND drought is a good practice, unless the lawns are irrigated or the tea is applied in the rain. True, tea will not burn, but I also don't think it does much good applying to dormant turf in the heat.

    I use to apply a worm casting/humate mixture or gypsum as a summer app. I used to get a lot of compliments from mowing companies that lawns I was on came out of dormancy quicker than other lawns.

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