Summer fabrics to keep you cool

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fshrdan, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. fshrdan

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    Hey, in the past I've used 100% cotton tees for uniforms, light in color with embroidered logo. This winter I've been wearing polypro undershirts under the tees, and sweat seems to wick very well.

    I'm in a very hot/humid area and am not satisfied anymore with cotton. After the first lawn the shirt is completely soaked. Does anyone out there have any experience with more modern fabrics, like CoolMax, polypro, etc. I'm planning on getting a batch of new tees made, but would like to try some different fabric. Thanks.
  2. ohiolawnguy

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    i dont have an answer for fabric types, but i recall seeing a vest type item for sale in the gemplers catalog. it holds refreezable gel packs to keep you cool. however at the price of around 200 dollars a vest including gel packs, i dont forsee them selling like crazy. the gel packs are only expected to last for four hours before the need to refreeze them.
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  4. Brandon Wymelenberg

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    when i go back-packing i wear this polyester tank. i love it cause it wicks away the sweat and then dries fast too. i found them at a place called rei,, im nut sure about normal t-shirts but you might wanna give it a try.
  5. mowerman90

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    Here in FL it seems I'm sweating all the time. I agree with you that the 100% cotton tees aren't the best for hot humid weather. Once they get soaked they just won't dry out. I've had much better luck with 50/50 blend tees. They get soaked just as fast, but seem to dry out 3 times quicker.

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    Hey, COLUMBIA makes a great fishing/guide shirt. I think it may be a cotton/nylon type blend. They are extremely lighweight and dry out very fast, I think you can find them at CABELA' or you can try your local sporting good store. Good luck. :D

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    I have tried some synthetic clothing like swimming shorts but cotton gives me the best evaporative cooling but sure gets soaking wet in just about ten minutes. I have a box of laundered t-shirts in the truck and change them about three times a day.(i would change t-shirts every hour if i didn't mind doing laundry every day). I am interested to see what everyone else uses, maybe there are better fabrics for the heat.
  8. awm

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    a good cotton t shirt holds body heat to well for me until i doo get it wet.a fairly loose fiting button up blend is fairly cool .
    as a solo i get away with the minumum coverage muscle shirts.
    in the summer i really cant be comfortable in anything else.
    i can hear my daughter now. DAD U WILL GET CANCER.
    she loves her dad i guess.
    :) later now
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    I agree with awn! Less is better
  10. Pacific Nursery

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    We use the 50/50 blend, they seem to work the best. Cotton is heavier and takes longer to dry.

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