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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Husky03, May 29, 2006.

  1. Husky03

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    I really need to pick up some more mowing accounts and odd jobs for this summer, I have a lot of spare time on my hands right now. I only mow 12-15 lawns a week as of now and that will start slowing odwn as we start drying out and the grass slows down. What kind of ideas do you have for flyers this time of year? If I knew how to post my current flyer on here I would. I made it in PowerPoint, if anyone knows how I can post it for you to see then let me know how. I'm not real good with computers. Any advice welcome(coupons, distribution, etc.)

    Thanks... :)
  2. All_Clear

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    Wells some others on here wont like this but frankly who cares...

    Obviously your needing more work... So continue advertising for Lawns. But i also suggest dabbling in something else... I do other odds jobs. However i don't do everything, i have recently been advertising Other services avail. and take what i feel i can make some money at. If it's something i dont feel i can handle or dont want to do, i refer them else where or just simple say sorry I don't take care of that. I don't consider myself a handyman service because i'm not really a jack of all trades, I just grab things i know how to do and are profitable when i have the time.

    For example: Gutter Cleaning... Basically i started my biz part time doing this...
    I also have a power washer, that comes in handy but you could also rent one.

    Gopher has a few flyers you can use, there is one for gutters and 1 for powerwashing.

    I know Lafayette has plenty of people that need work done and their are plenty of services to choose from, Your going to have to stand out and get your name out there, otherwise you blend with all the other guys. I had thought about expanding my gutter cleaning there because quite frankly working spring and fall and making more then mowing appeals to me. But for now i will stick to Crawfordsville.

    If you own a truck... haul stuff to the dump for people, do garage or basement clean outs. There are many other things that a guy can do to fill in the slow time, be creative. Do what you can handle. Some of those that call for gutters or hauling may just end up being a weekly customer.

    All Clear
  3. Husky03

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    Hi, it is nice to see someone so close to me. I agree with what you said. I have been cleaning gutters since I first started years ago. I find gutter cleaning to be very simple and profitable with a backpack blower. On the flyers I have been passing out the last several years they have the following services listed: Mowing, Gutter Cleaning, Yard Cleanup, and Snow Removal. I like to let people know that I am seasonal. I passed out 3,000 flyers this spring and I picked up 3 weekly mowings and various other small jobs like mulching and aeration. I will not even get started on the lowball bullcrap, but this town is really growing in people and LCO's willing to do the work for cheap. I am trying to find ways to set myself apart. I do outstanding work ands hopefully it will pay off in the long haul. Any help apprecaited.

  4. Cahsking

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    Hey Husk...I posted a suggestion in another thread about it getting hotter, and some people will be falling off the about some fliers that offer a discount? If your only looking to fill in some time for the hotter part of the season. Think about coupons that advertise: vacation cuts, switch business cuts (chance to catch the low ballers off guard), senior citizens. Seize the opportunity that many of these LCO's wont be able to hack it when it gets humid, and in the 90's. Hope to spark an idea. :weightlifter:
  5. All_Clear

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    Use a play on words to grab attention....

    The heat is on and we're passing on even HOTTER deals!!!

    Something like that anyway... that was just off the top of my head...

    As for what you said husky... "I am trying to find ways to set myself apart. I do outstanding work ands hopefully it will pay off in the long haul"

    I have found that spending that extra few mins on properties makes a difference, there are so many mow blow and go that are run and gun all the time, It's a mental thing when the customer feels you are spending a little more time to make their property shine! (makes them feel they got their dollars worth) The ones that care what they get and pay for, and are willing to pay are the ones i really am trying to target. Let the guys that cut and run take the properties that dont care what you do or what/how you cut... as long as it's mowed...

    All Clear
  6. J Hisch

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    A couple of things come to my mind.

    1. Always have someone answer your phone. I get the call so often that says, you would not believe how many people we called to finally get someone to answer. You can't grow if you dont answer the phone.

    2. Next would be some door hangers letting customers know you are in the neighborhood on such and such day if they need a mowing give me a call. YOU WILL PICK UP ALOT OF ACCOUNTS THIS WAY!!!!! maybe a one time mow or full time but let them know when you are going to be there and how to get ahold of you.

    3. Ask your existing cutomer base for a refferals, every invoice, every contact you have with them.

    4. Never fail to ask for a job that you dirve by and see it needs attention, hop out knock on door and say I would like to mow your lawn today for x amount

    5. If you have free time never spend it idle during working hours, get out and follow steps 1-4 if you do in time you will have business and all you want of it.

    I bet if you diligently worked on growing your business you would be amazed at how much you can get. However most LCO are booked that they cant grow any futher without enough capital to get off the route and sell.
  7. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    That is some pretty sound advice.
  8. All_Clear

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    I agree! Great advice!

    If you order door hangers, i bought the special of 5,000 for $189 to my door. Look good!

    All Clear

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