summer LCO layoffs?!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by skipwatson, Aug 9, 2001.

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    Maybe if they wouldn't cut the grass at 1" they would still be working.
  3. thelawnguy

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    That just reflects poor company management. They should have other things lined up (hedge trimming, installs, etc) to get them through the slow times.
  4. Not exactly. Maybe he has all accounts on a monthly budget plan.

    Since he is not mowing he lays off the seaonals and is keeping the full timers for pruning and shearing.

    He could be making more profit this month vs. a wet cool month of the year.

    I know I am but it's too dam hot to even go to the beach to spend that money.
  5. SLS

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    This is not an uncommon occurance in Tennessee.

    Due to drought:

    Year 2000....6 weeks down/no cuts.

    Year 1999....12 weeks down/no cuts.

    Before that....don't remember-was not doing lawns for a living.

    Almost every year the news programs speak of the plight of the farmers because of no rain.

    Here you MUST plan for this to happen.

    This year we have been extremely soon as it drys up and we stop mowing it starts to rain again. My records indicate that that I've only missed about 10 cutting days so far this season due to being caught up because of slow growth/no rain. And that was spread out over two periods. :)

    The weather has 'flip-flopped' this year....The south has been wet and the north has been dry.

    Check out the rainfall/temperature averages for Atlanta and for Minneapolis, completely reversed. WIERD!

    My uncle in the Detroit area is totally freaked out as his business was less than HALF than normal for June and July due to lack of rain.

    Last year it was so wet in his area that his crews were forced to wear mosquito netting!

    Here, on the other hand, I've had to trim most bushes and shrubs 3 times already this season...completely unheard of for Middle Tennessee.

    Haven't been able to get up to the Smokey Mountains yet this year for our usual mid-season sabatical- but I'm not complaining.
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    Maybe consider installing sprinkler systems when things heat up. :D

    Install sprinkler
    Water lawn
    Grass grows
    Cut again.

  7. 1MajorTom

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    Sounds simple, looks good on the computer screen.
    BTW, how many systems have you installed?

    When things dry out, it's easy to look for an "easy" way to make some money. But I just don't think irrigation is something you just "jump" into because it is dry out.

    Irrigation is a skill, and should be installed by a qualified technician. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can't competently install one without some eduation first.

    There are other ways to make money when it is dry out. Irrigation is not the easy answer in a middle of a drought.
  8. Fantasy Lawns

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    Well Said ...... lot's of guys around here "intall" em .....some are pros ...... some are laughable (20 heads on a 20x40 area ....2" above or 2" below .... or this looks like a good spot for another head )......anyways done a few my self ....... n we sub em out now ..... trencher ......electican ......well driller (we drill down here .....soft sandy soil with a coquina base about 30' down) ....... to much bother for me ....... sub it ...... make 10%

    BUt the REAL Problem is in most Draught Areas ......there are Water Restrictions ..... so even with a system it can be Lean & Expensive when using City Water

    Stone .... Good Point on the Monthly ......we get paid by the Month ....not per cut

    Thank God for Commercial Accounts ;->
  9. guntruck

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    Like earlier said i agree that that is partially due to poor management, if you plan for the worst and have a backup things might work out ok. Easier said than done, but we are skipping some accounts here due to the no precip status and we have other work lined up that we can now do in the meantime. I guess i am lucky because we dont have those kinds of employees though , 2 fulltime and 2 part time.
  10. kris

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    two words ... commercial & contract

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