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i have a lawn that i been treating for a few years now that gets summer patch every year.
i am looking into a preventive fungicide spray program for that lawn this season and like to see if you guys had and thoughts on a program.
the turf is and old "Marion my blue" which over the past few yrs. i been slicing in some rye in the areas.
any of you do a preventive program?


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Heritage, but I wouldn't waste it on marion.
I forgot the specifics, but you need to treat sometime in May, I believe, well before the disease appears. I believe you can determine when to apply fungicide based on soil temps

contact an extension person

hpoe this is somewhat helpful


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For summer patch you want to make 3 applications beginning may 15th, 2nd app june 15th, 3rd app july 15th. I have had very good results with bayleton on summer patch and you need to apply 4-5 gallons of water per 1000Ft2. The fungi that causes summer patch is a soil borne fungi and you need to apply this much water as a carrier to get the product where the fungi are. Rutgers recommends keeping soil P.H. around 6.0 and using acidifying fertilizers like ammonium sulfate at 1/4 lb per 1000Ft2. to lower soil P.H. and supress this disease(before it gets above 80F or you will burn the turf). Also During the high risk period may 30-july 30 keep the mowing height above 3 inches and do not go below 3 in. during this time. Summer patch becomes active when the soil is 68F at 2". As Tim turf stated you must have the control product down BEFORE the cycle starts......If you miss the application window NOTHING will stop the frog eye patches. Also note that Tall Fescue is RESISTANT to S.P. so you may want to slice seed in some this fall and save the client $$$$$ in the long run.

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