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  1. SummerSchool

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    Hello all, new to the site.

    We recently (this summer) began our own lawn care business. We run a little bit of a different company than most I've seen on this site. We focus on high quality and low cost, $20 per lawn to be exact. We provide mowing and trimming and we're planning to expand. Our niche is currently only with smaller lots, which we have found it easy to attract customers. We employ high school and college students who are off of school or home for the summer. Paying a student $10 to mow a lawn, which is good money for our employees. Plus we offer another $2 if the customer leaves excellent feedback. Our employees provide their own mowers and gas so we have virtually no expenses. We collect $8-10 for training and setting appointments, unless we have the urge to get our hands dirty. We are looking into buying more professional mowers - 32-36" walk behinds or walking zero turns are ideal. So if anybody is selling around MD/VA let us know! Just a little introduction and some info on our business :)
  2. nodakmower

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    so your goin round your town lowballin n pimpin kids out hahaha good luck.
  3. SummerSchool

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    Basically. Except just not overcharging in our eyes. Kids make $10 for 30 min or less of work. They're happy. Customers receive a great service that's affordable. They're happy. We receive $10 for satisfying everyone. Were happy. Haven't had any problems so far. Not even sure what people would charge for a 1/4- acre or smaller.. I'm sure it can't be more than $25 or it's be a rip off and a half..
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  4. albhb3

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    well now youve made a good impression now all of lawnsite hates you and we typicaly chage 45 per 1/4 or more
  5. SummerSchool

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    Sorry! At least I haven't seen any of you from my area.. yet. (Stafford, VA) :laugh:
  6. verant

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    wow, so you use employees with cheap residential equipment to go hack some lawns and low ball LCO's. well, i'm sure they appreciate that ;)
  7. SummerSchool

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    Nicer equipment than most home owners use on their own lawn. When we leave they're satisfied. That's all that matters.
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  8. badgerfan

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    Are you paying payroll taxes? Are you insured? If so 20 dollars will not cut it!
  9. Tractorworks

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    I suppose dad is so thankful jr is working he won't notice the wear and tear on his mower til it is too late! I wonder if he will replace it or your customers are out of luck.
  10. olaf valle

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    20 bucks i dont even do 2 sqf for $20

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