summer stress + your fault?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Jul 6, 2007.

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    Anybody else getting service calls/phone calls saying the grass is brown because of you??? We pretty well have our older customer base "trained/informed" to realize that "cool-season turf" suffers in hot/dry weather, but some "newer customers" seem to think that their last lawn treatment (dry/slow-40% release fertilizer) that was applied two months ago is why they have brown areas in their lawn. Then there's the homeowner who mows Kentucky blue at 2 inches during summer! Most of our customers realize that 3 1/2 inch mowing is best during summer, but we still have those who mow at 2 inches. Gotta feeling that customers like these truly do not care about their lawn -- they figure we have a "miracle cure" so they don't have to do their part. rscvp
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    The media here has taken care of all that for us.

    Lately they said due to lack of rain to stay off the lawns as they are going dormant. Do not mow, water or fertilize.

    I'm in a cool season zone, and I'm like shut up.
    The only brown lawns are from not watering, fertilizing or mowing it short....LOL

    I hate drought! so do my creditors....LOL!!!!
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    Most of my accounts are full service, but when I sign a new account I let them know that the price for my weekly lawn maintenance / mowing price is an average price for the whole season. I.e. it takes longer to mow in the spring than in the summer & fall and in some cases we may skip a week or so - so that way we don't cause any unnecessary stress on the lawn. You might consider getting a brochure together that shows them the importance of cutting height (3 1/2 - 4" / the higher the better in the summer) & amount of watering & its importance.
  4. Mr Priceless

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    No complaints of brown patches, just overgrown lawns by the next scheduled time to mow:laugh: :dizzy:

    but then go figure, it's what 18 consecutive days of rain will end up doing to grass:rolleyes:
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    Yeah, you gotta love the customers that claim you burned their lawn even though the app was done 5 weeks ago and the supposed burn spots just showed up yesterday.
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    I had a customer about 8 weeks ago that had brown tracs from the PG tires. I went out looked at the lawn and explained it would come back. he seemed satisfied, then calls the next week and cancels!
    Now 7 weeks later and several weeks of drought and high temps he calls to say that he wants to sign back up, but he's lawn is now about half dead, brown spots every where and can still see fertilizer granules from the application 2 months ago! and now one of his trees is now dieing and wants to know what I'm going to do about it?
    What would life be like without customers like this?

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