Summit Landscaping 2013 Work/Stripes

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Tizzy, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. LandFakers

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    Sweet work and new toy man!
  2. T Scapes

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    awesome work. instead of a bucket truck have you looked into those tracked man lifts? i am looking into one, feel like i can get almost anywhere with those tracks with a 55ft boom and stabilizers.
  3. noahb195

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    Have you posted pictures of your bucket truck before? Is it like an old power company one or like Time Warner Cable's?
  4. Tizzy

    Tizzy LawnSite Senior Member
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    we have been looking into a Teupen LEO 23GT 75' lift. it is really expensive though a brand new one goes for around 200k. but only weighing like 7000lbs is nice. it would be really nice to have. but I would probably buy a crane before the lift.

    I don't think I've put any pictures of it up. I'll look on my computer and see if ive got any pics of it if not i'll try and grab some action shots of it. it was bought off a local tree company it looks just like an Asplundh truck, its a full forestry package w/ 55' bucket and 11yd chip body. its nothing special. I really want to get an elevator lift though.
  5. T Scapes

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    yea ive seen a couple gently used ones for like 84k dont remember the working height or brand. JLG just came out with one too. Do you have an idea on what those elevators go for new. I was looking at a 75 footer through FEVA in the spring and find a good used chip truck with a 30yd body. Hows the bandit chipper working for you, the ones ive used, i have not had great luck with, granting they were rentals but i think i wanna go with Vermeer.
  6. Tizzy

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    ive seen some used ones of the model lift we are looking at for like 90K but they are always so far away.

    the 75' foot bucket trucks are around 70K used but I cant seem to find one with a diesel. I really want a diesel engine with PTO. not a pony motor. new I think they are around 150k haven't done a lot of research on new ones though.

    if you are looking for a 30yd chip truck id recommend buying a roll off. that's what we use for big jobs. lot more versatile than a dedicated chip truck. also been looking around for a knuckle boom truck for logs and such.

    the chipper has been great. had to put a new clutch in it but it was covered under warranty. we've put about 800 hours on it so far no problems other than the clutch, its a total beast, our next one will probably be a 1990xp
  7. T Scapes

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    Do you use ur roll off for landscaping as well. I really wanna keep a chip truck 100% a chip truck. I want to have the truck running 5 days a week with that chipper so i feel like any other bodys i buy would just mainly sit.
  8. Tizzy

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    we use ours for a multitude of things between running dumpster and hauling material etc. the roll off probably spends 50% of its operating time with the chip box on it and the hook truck is usually more that is a 2012 freightliner and has 68000 miles on it now. that truck runs 7 days a week. the roll off has 368,000 ish on it now. but I see where you are coming from about the dedicated chip truck. I could not justify spending $120000 on a dedicated chip truck though I hate having trucks sitting and if ours was a dedicated chip truck it would only run 20-25 hrs. a week
  9. Tizzy

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    well I said I would throw up some pics of the new plow after it was picked up, here they are. sorry about the blurry one

    also had a lot of inquiries about the hook truck so there are also a couple pics of that with the chipper.




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    That M2 Freightliner is sweet.
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