Sump wells for Pondless features

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by clubdude, May 17, 2005.

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    I am in the process of building my first pondless waterfall/stream, as I have posted previously. You guys are the best, but we know that about pond lovers, don't we? I have had a hard time finding a sump well for my pump. Mine is the torpedo type that has horizontal inlets/outlets, and all the sump wells that I have found locally are vertical. I bought one, and tried to modify it, but I ruined the structural integrity of the well, as I suspected I would. It would seem any sturdy plastic housing would work with holes drilled all through it, but I haven't found the exact one yet. Any suggestions???? :help:
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    I think I was the first one here to recommend using a sump well and drilling holes in it. That works pretty well.

    But since then, I've found something even better. PondEco makes a thing they call a "vault". It's great. I buy it at John Deere Landscapes. If you have a JDL in your area they will have it or at least they'll be able to order it.

    Nowadays, whenever we build a pondless waterfall, I just use one of those. They are basically just like a sump well except with all the holes already drilled in it for you. Plus it's walls are much more sturdy than a sump well's walls are.

    Great product.

    Unfortunately, they don't show it on the PondEco website. But I am sure that's who makes it.

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