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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cantoo, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. cantoo

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    I am sitting here at the computer trying to relax and all I can hear is a mower going past the window. Some people just have nothing better to do. It's my wife she just has to play with the new mower. We bought a Bobcat a few weeks ago and she's getting some practice on it. We live in the country so no one else will complain. She's also trying to goat me into going out and loading up for tomorrow. She does all the cutting and I do the equipment maintenance so I have to mount our sprayer onto the front of another machine we bought awhile ago to get ready for spraying in two weeks. I sit down for a few minutes and she just has to bother me. It looks to be doing a good job considering the inexperienced operator. Any of you other husband and wife companies have problems getting rest?
  2. JB1

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    LUCKY YOU, I can't get mine to touch any of my equipment.
  3. cantoo

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    hmm, change of plans already. She just went by our front picture window(5x5) and a stone hit the lower corner, stone dust on the glass and a little scratch but no cracks. The discharge chute was dented so I took it off and was planing on straightening it and repainting it tomorrow. Safety first, move it up to the top of the to do list quickly. Now she wants to load up and go to town to cut the ball diamonds and soccer fields. Damn, I get no rest. Could be worse I could be fixing the big window.
  4. meets1

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    I did have my wife help on her days off, Monday until 3 and all day friday. Now, as my neighbor stated - I screwed the help - were expecting in september!
  5. EastProLawn

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    No way, the wife does not work for me or with me, she does enough bossing around at home, please I could not take being bossed around in front of the other guys.:eek:
  6. cutnitclose

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    Ain't that the d*mn truth........ LOL
  7. jaybird

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    sunday mowing, we just came in from mowing and its sunday we dont like to make habit of it but it seems there was no way around it. she is great sometimes she is the boss sometimes its me. she will never see this but just in case thankyou denise.
  8. cantoo

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    She doesn't let me cut very often she says I don't cut straight enough and I waste too much time doing stuff we don't get paid for. We offer a bunch of different levels of cutting packages and I seem to always try to do more than we are getting paid for. She's pretty quick to straigthen me out.
    We only ended up cutting the ball diamonds, they were just starting soccer practice so not safe to mow. The 61" Bobcat was just a little less than twice as fast at cutting than the MTD Pro Z 54" The MTD diamond was just a little thicker so that took a little more time but still no where nearly as fast as the Bobcat.
  9. John at JDH Select

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    My wife is a financial analyst for a large company in town. She burns up her vacation days helping me when I am behind. What a woman! She can stripe and edge a lawn better than any employee I have ever hired...I mean fired. She is my best buddy and I love spending the day with her. The fact that she can out work most of my crew, only adds to her magnificence.
  10. meets1

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    JOHN - what the heck you mowen for?? A Hobby. Your wife being a F.A. Can you work for her?

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