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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dirt digger, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. dirt digger

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    Looking at purchasing a Super Duty 36 or a Toro 36" gear drive with T-bar. Since I do not have experience using either brand of mower, I am searching for some input on the choice.
  2. Mr Budget

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    I have a superduty, i Love it very easy to use and maintain it provides a very nice cut
  3. MMLawn

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    I have been testing the Quick 36 Super Duty for TURF Magazine and the article will be out shortly so I can't say much until it is out, but the Quick 36 SD is an amazing mower at an amazing price. Yes, it is only single hydro instead of dual, but do not let that and the "naysayers" that have never even tried it sway you as it works well on this machine and is very easy to maneuver, much easier than a belt drive! There are also several users on LS that have them that seem to like them very much. It is a very good bang for the buck and the company and their support is second to none.

    Somethingelse too, you won't have nearly the fatigue at the end of the day with the Q36 that you will with a heavier belt drive.
  4. vanguard

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    I own a Super duty and a eXmark Metro, so I've got a first hand knowledge on the good & the bad of both mowers.

    Gear drive sucks! no reverse and belts will slip when wet. ECS controls Rock, T-bar controls are also great. 13 hp twin Kawasaki purrrs. The metro and the Toro are heavy duty tank like mowers!

    Quick 36
    I personally hate pistol grip controls, there hard on the hands. The short length of the quick is a great space saver, hydro transmission works well but the problem I've found is the spring for the reverse is too stiff and can fatigue your thumb if your mowing in tight spaces all day. This is a lawn tractor transmission and was originally made for a foot control. No directional control so you have to muscle through the turns and can wear on your shoulders after a long day. The big single cylinder Briggs And Stratton is rough, noisy & primitive compared to the Kawasaki. I'm all for "buy American" but this engine Sucks! The price of the Quick is $200 higher then last year but still a fair price. Over all a good mower but not built as well as Toro or eXmark (More like a heavy duty Home owner mower then a real commercial mower.)
    Gary and the folks at better outdoor are great though and over all and the Quick SD is a good buy. Would be better with a different engine for a little more money.

    Just my 2 cents headphones

    Hope this helps, Kelly

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