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Gulf Shores, AL
Just wondering if any of you have a super lawn truck.

I saw one at Expo in Louisville, and I received some reading material this week. Super Lawn Trucks' website is broken and of course, the literature did not mention pricing.

I also received some literature from Bering Trucks. Both the Bering enclosed and open landscape trucks are primo with plenty of creature comforts. Bering has a lease option of $399.00 per month with a Detroit diesel.

Any recommendations?

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Southern, Maine
Dhicks in your super lawn truck we got all the info on these absolutly beutiful trucks, but they are costly. Chris Fountain sales rep for Isuza (lawn truck) can be reached in Georgia at 1-800-899-8696 he will mail you all specs costs and more. What the truck is, is a 2001 Isuzu NPR truck with a Morgan van body of legths from 16' and up
2001 Isuzu NPR 16' morgan body $29,835.00
Hydra Ramp System $5,999.00
Super Lawn Truck hand tool & power equipment storage system
Underbody tool storage box $399.00
fuel station system (real neat for mowers, trimmers) $1,995.00
Total $39,823.00
Custom paint job $2,800.00
Marketing Package-lettering & logos $1,500.00
Irragation parts and inventory storage system $1,500.00
Super cab option to seat 7 people $3,995.00
H/Duty utility shelf $250.00
wheel simulators $499.00
Receiver hitch $75.00
!!!!!! As you can see its a ton of money to spend, Its a great idea and looking at costs on used Isuzu NPR with Morgan bodys you can get into a used one for as little as $5,000.00 not including Hydra Ramp System which could be made for around $1,500.00 (guessing)
After looking at the super lawn truck I may myself some day go that route but not at that expense ill buy used and make it myself.


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We are doing what Brian suggested this upcoming spring. Buying a slightly used cabover box truck and will outfit it for a second crew. After this winter's probable lack of snow and profit like lasts, we are ridding ourselves of our current 98 GMC 2500 leased plow truck and will go with a leased 2001 Isuzu with dump\ramp and then the used box cabover for a second truck. Not many used cabover dumps up here, but plenty of good box trucks for $5-12,000. Plus a rolling billboard also commands attention.



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Flint, Michigan
Gee willikres! Is it reall y THAT much of a hassle to pull a trailer? It comes as second nature to me! It is SO nice that when I have to pick up fallen sticks or I decide to weed out some beds, or something of the sort, to have some place to put this stuff and some equipment space to work with. Thirty grand is just a little much to spend on a truck with such limited use. Sure, it's advertised as such convenience, but really, if you set a trailer upright, you have that convenience, and a whole lot more versatality. Just my thoughts.


Gulf Shores, AL
Landscaper 3 thanks for all the details.

The $40K price tag is high but considering a new Chevy or Ford 150(0)/250(0), $10K is not that much more considering the advantages. As for me, the trailer works great. But, I'm tired of loading before and after work. While I live in a great area, I'm too paranoid to leave my stuff on the trailer. An enclosed trailer is not an option for me.

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I don't know where they come up with that payment for that unit. At $ 43,000 or better, your going to pay more than $ 399 per month, unless of course you stretch it out over 10 years. ( Not a good use of money).

You can put a F 250 with a dump box and an enclosed trailer on the road for a lot less than that change.

Cost these things out over the amortization period and add in depreciation, nd then see if it's a good value.


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In June, we bought a new, 1999 model year Isuzu NQR. I called the Super Lawn ad, and they said they would call back at a specific time, but never did. Our Truck has a 16' enclosed body, and works just great with a couple of 9' aluminum ramps. I want to get the Super lawn type ramp, because that will be a little more stable for loading equipment, but to buy all that other stuff is quite expensive. It will be a winter project to set the truck up with some modular shelves and racks. We also use the truck for loading with pallets and nursery stock, so maybe it's not so bad without the ramp any way. This way we don't have to have a big bulky ramp in the way everytime we load the truck. A lot of times, just having the enclosed body is a bonus - like when we throw a pallet of fert and a couple of spray tanks inside. That stuff is all closed off from the world as we move from job to job. Nothing blows off of the truck, and noone asks what we are doing (until the hoses roll out!)

This was definitely a good purchase for about 30,000, it has proven to be a favorite, even among F-250, 350s and trailers because its easy to drive and everything fits inside of it. It also gets good mileage on the highway. If you have no need for the enclosure, why not get an Isuzu cab and chassis, then put on a landscape body (I saw advertised in the trade mags). Something like a 16' flatbed with beavertail. I might consider putting one on the road next year because I have really taken a liking to the Isuzu.

I will say that overall our rack body (dumps) Fords are still the most versatile, and the trailers get used everyday for applications that the super lawn truck might not work well for - i.e. moving bulky material, tall trees, etc. So overall, a good mix of vehicles is best.

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