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  1. MTR

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    Would anyone who owns this particular machine share some experience, in terms of cut, quality and maintenance point? I have spent some time looking and comparing prices with many models and manufaturers, narrowed it down to this Super Mini Z, would this a great choice? It seems to be the machine that I will upgrade to...any convincing thought? Also is that suspension seat really helping out on the ride, and that oil cooler fan really worth it?
    Input really aprreciated...
  2. icatcher

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    I love my Super Mini..
    Cut quality still blows me away.
    I have the mulch kit and gator magnums and love it.
    Only issue Ihave had is the mini needs a blowout kit for the leaves in the fall.
    The 25 Kaw is awesome, when you turn on the gators the motor just purrs and the blades sound like a jet..

    The cut is the same at any speed, going slow or haulin' grass, this little machine cuts some turf. I amawed at the cut quality, it actually looks bagged, I have compared the cut of my mulching mini to that of a walker ( best bagging mower on the market IMO)
    and the cut was better on thehustler side to me.
    Definitelty get the Super mini, for a little more than the mini you get bigger pumps, the suspension seat and the hydro cooler.
    A suspension seat alone is about $400.
    Mainteance is super simple which adds to the beauty of this machine.
    You will not regret buying a hustler ! The Super Mini's a top notch machine. And the Hustler people are great, Customer service is top notch, Pj is #1.
  3. MTR

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    from Florida
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    icatcher, thanks for your reply I really appreciate. You mentioned gator magnum blades, is that meant the stock blades that come with the machine is not good or giving great cut? I hope not. If I don't change a thing, using the factory blades what come with the mower without installing any baffle or extra, would it still giving a decent cut?
    I really like the suspension seat, tried bouncing on that seat is fun already. Also, have you tried some striping kit or something on this super mini. I just like to know the extra limit the machine can do.

    Thank you
  4. icatcher

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    The stock blades are fine.
    I just prefer the gator magnums.
    I mulch 24/7/365 so this is what works for me.
    I demoed the mini with the stock blades and side discharged. This was in the fall of last year so no heavy spring growth.The cut blew me away. The cut is what swayed me to this machine.
    I could have bought any z out there but the hustler cut, customer service and the "built like a tank" build is great.

    I am only cutting warm season grasses, centipede, st.augustine, zoysia & bermuda so no stripping for me. As far as i know and have read on here they strip great.

    Are you planning on mulching of side discharging?
    I mulch everything so that is why i like the gators, I also have the baffel kit which is a must for true mulching.

    The suspension seat is worth it's weight in gold. For the small diff in price between the mini and super mini it is definitely worth it.

    Trust me you will not be disappointed in this machine.
  5. MTR

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    There are 2 types of grass in Florida that dominate landscape, St. Augustine and Bahia, all my accounts are St. Augustine which is in highend residential so they are lush I mean lush and thick and green, the mulching is not doing well on gator here. My excalibur factory) blade on eXmark is what I use to sidedischarge, it cut well but not of great stripe on St. Augustine as 2 -3 days after cut, the grass comes back like crazy!
    I have heard that blades on Supre Mini 52" are 17 7/8 or something which is odd and not full 18", is this meant I have to buy only Hustler blades? How do you get gator Magnum to fit that Super Mini ? This might be on older Super Mini Z, may be the 04 has switched to full 18" length?
  6. icatcher

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    17 7/8 is correct on the blades.
    You are kinda stuck in using only Hustler blades.
    The gators have a hustler part # on them. i have read on here that someone used the bob-cat blades on there mini.
    You can get them onling in a few places. Only real issue is that Hustler is not a popular as Exmark, Scag etc. but that is rapidly changing. j-thomas, mowmore etc are selling Hustler stuff.
    The cost is pretty close to the same as my dealer including shipping.

    I only use gators here, I just got thru cutting a overgrown St.Augustine yard on Wend. it looked bagged and beautiful in only one pass.

    I think there are 3 blades available for the Mini, high-lift, medium lift and gator. i think the medium lift is what is factory. (Pj if you are reading this please chime in.)
    They didn't do as well as mulching as the gators in my situation.
    the Super mini is my 1st real mulcher and my 1st Z that I own.
    I have used about everything in the past.

    With the type of grass you'll be cutting I think that doubles may be your best bet. Maybe a set of gators on top of high lifts. I am just guessing here as I haven't tried doubles as i really don't need them. I suggest this due to the Bahia grass as you'll need the lift other wise you'll just blow it over.

    I love the mulch kit, if you can afford to I recommend giving it a try. Mulch kit is msrp of $81 however this doesn't include blades, just the baffels. So tack on another #30 or so. Also on running doubles a mini the blade retaining bolt is too short as per my research so you need to get a longer one. With the gator magnums which are about twice as thick as a regular blade you loose a little cut height, maybe a 1/16" but you still lose it. Running doubles you'll probably lose 1/4".

    How about adding a list of the blades available for each Hustler mower with part #'s. Also is there a true mulching blade for the mini like for Full size Z? it's shaped like this ___/---\__||__/---\___ ?):eek:
  7. Fescue Farmer

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    Bought two 25hp kawasaki / 52" super mini - Z's in April this year.

    Pro's: Fast!!!!
    Foot Operated deck control is great - can lift the deck about 6" high to go over obstacles and can quickly change cutting heights with the pull pin.
    Low center of gravity = great traction in reverse up a hill - side hilling is great - better than any Z I have mowed with.
    Clean cut on thick fescue lawns at full speed.
    Suspension seat is grand - back doesn't hurt as much at end of long day.
    Automotive style drum brakes automatically lock when handles are pulled to the sides - work great.
    12 gallon fuel capacity = less stops for fuel.
    Simple design - lifetime warranty on leading edge of deck, frame and gauranteed never to leak where there is a hydraulic fitting!
    Still light weight compared to other Z's of the same size - 980 lbs.
    Smooth hydaulic controls - they are dampened, but they don't feel like a Scag.
    Light in the front - caster tires to not twist turf in a nice fescue lawn like a heavy in the front mower (Scag) will.
    With the engine clocked the way it is it is easy to change oil - very little mess.


    Low center of gravity means low in the rear - the rear departure angle is bad - the rear bogey wheels catch on our Isuzu gate when backing up and occasionally catch when coming off of or going up a steep hill - the moveable joints that stabilize the mower deck are really low and occasionally catch on things.
    The offset deck - the mower deck is offset to give you more trim capacity - this is nice, but for striping purposes I like to have my rear tires close to the edge of the deck on both sides to give a crisp contrast between light and dark lines. Too solve this I turned the trim side rear tire inside out and had to get used to the fact that when I am sitting on the mower the deck is not centered under me, but is offset to the left.
    They are fast, but I wish that the Hydro pumps or motors were geared a little lower - they seem to strain when in a bind or going up a steep hill. Maybe you can't have speed and lower geared pumps or motors at the same time?
    When the turf is high, the mower deck cuts fine, but it does seem to not want to disperse the clippings as well as other Z's I have mowed with. It will occasionally spit out a clump of grass that seems to have gotten caught on the trailing edge of the discharge opening.
    The stock factory blades are odd sized (17 7/8") and did not seem to cut well. We solved the problem by buying inexpensive (I don't know the brand - an Exmark dealer here sells them) 18" full length cutting edge blades and grinding 1/16" off of each end and rebalancing them.

    Hope this helps!

    I copied this from another recent post of mine - I am mostly cutting cool season grasses with a bermuda lawn here and there and a lot of weeds!
  8. MTR

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    I went through the spec on blades printed on Hustler's brochure on its Z and found that the Super Z has 17.86in x 3.00in x.25 in blade, and the Super Mini Z has 18 in x 2.5 in x .20 in blade on the 52" deck. Obviously, they are different, could anyone chime in on this issue? Why they have to make things more difficult on the blades without being able to interchangeable ? Is this the way Hustler make us to buy only only Hustler blades????
  9. mowerconsultant

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    The Hustler Z / Super Z has a different design deck than the Mini Z / Super Mini Z.
    Different spindles, different blade design, the decks are similar in some ways, but there is a difference.
    That is why the blades are different.
    Our blades are made by the same company that sells them aftermarket through a dealer network and they are making more cross references every year.
    You can check with them here on LS they are a sponsor (Oregon).


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