Super mini z deck problem need help

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by SuperFast, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. SuperFast

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    :help: I just got a Super mini z 52" 25hp kaw have been mowing with it for a while now and i am not able to stripe a yard because i have to keep over lapping. The discharge leaves a little bit of uncut grass and does not want to discharge properly and I'm getting sick of it :angry: I have bought the new blades and also had my dealer cut out the 1inch on top and 3inch on the bottom of the discharge area and still get the same problem i hated to spend 8,100dollars on the unit it to start with and i thought i was making a good investment but i see other cutters
    running circles around me with there mowers is it possible that the discharge is still to small. what should i do it only has 25hours on the mower. and also will it cost me to fix the mower when you have found the problem Thanks
  2. mowerconsultant

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    The Super Mini's or the Mini Z's do not have a new style blade or any deck modifications.
    Not quite sure what your dealer did there... is your unit a full frame 52" Super Z instead?
    Anyways... if it is a Super Mini... have your dealer get a look at the deck level and pitch, engine rpm's, belt tension, blade sharpeness and make sure the grass is not built up to much in the deck..
    The Mini decks cut great, I hardly ever hear a complaint about them.

  3. gps_jetskier

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    I've had issues with the deck leaving a tad every now and then. Every time though it seems that the deck has built up in the corners. It doesn't get good suction then. Especially on the discharge side. Just my .02.

  4. SuperFast

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    from Tenn
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    It is a super mini z 52"/25hp kaw i brought to the dealer and the dealer said that the deck had the problem what will that do to my deck now that the opening is larger ? and i bought new blades for the mower. it only has 25hours on it. also the deck is cleaned out everyday as part of the day it is easier to keep clean then to let built up and also will i lose vacuum now that is has a larger opening
  5. Sriggs

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    My 04 supermini z 24/52 had the same problem. The discharge was cut out to small and would clog up. So I did what people are doing to there super z. I took an angle grinder and cut the opening out a little so it would have a better flow to it. It did help It won't clump up like it did before. Also I changed the blades I was using. I was using the standard lift blades that came with the mower then I got the high lift blades that discharge the grass a little better then the standard blades. Also I sharpened the high lift blades all the way down to the bolt like the new blades they have put now for the super z. This helped with my problem I had when I would get little strips of grass that was uncut. Now I am working on a stripe kit/system for my supermini z I will probley buy rubber flaps and drill them to the back of the mower deck to get nice lines. So far I have tried a lawn roller and the clearance is to tight. I hope this helps.

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