Super Mini Z or Regular Z?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mattbluemont, Jun 29, 2004.

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    Hustler Users (and any pros out there w/ an opinion)

    Hustler Z - 60" w/ 24 Honda: $7159
    Hustler Super Mini - 52" Deck: $7000

    Home use - 4 acres, some ruts, grade, but mostly wide open area. The Super has the suspension seat, but smaller frame vs. the Z w/ the 60" deck.

    Also afraid of more scalping w/ the 60" than the 52".


    ExmarkLazer Z was 7200 w/ a 60" deck and a 23 Kohler.

    Money is comparable, which machine would you buy from a ride/durability standpoint?


    PS: Backed away from the Lazer CT and the Fastrak - Fastrak had a very small frame (relative) and mows at 7MPH tops. Hate to buy it and then decide it wasn't enough.
  2. RichmondR

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    Matt --

    As you can tell, I dont post very often, and I dont have any direct experience with these models. If you dont get a response in the commercial forum you may want to try the Manufacturer sponsored Hustler forum on Lawnsite. You will probably get some good advice there.

    Good luck -- sounds like a fun decision to have to make.
  3. captken

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    I have the 23hp Kawaswaki with the

    52" deck.

    Cuts nice on slopes.

    Will mow your 4 acres, slopes, wide open spaces and bumps

    quickly, without a problem.

    You can get the suspension seat on a Hustler Z.

    Extremely well built and reliable.

    For home use, it could quite possibly be the last mower you

    would ever have to buy....

    think about that!:)

    central gardens 002.jpg

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