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    I am very close to buying a ZTR (within the next 4 days), and up until now, had narrowed my choices down to the Exmark 52" ZHP and the Kubota ZD21 Pro.

    Some additional research has led me to Hustler, in particular the 52" Super Mini Z with Kawasaki 25. So, two questions for you:

    1. Who and where are your dealers in the NY Hudson Valley (near middletown/newburgh)?

    2. Are there any special factory deals going on right now on the Hustler line of products?

    Please reply in this forum, or you could e-mail or PM a response as well. Thanks
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    Here is a list of the closest dealers to Middletown.

    1. Chester Valley Equipment
    47 Lehigh Avenue
    Chester, NY 10918
    +1 845 469 5087
    10.45 miles from the center

    2. Sterling Mine Sharpening
    103 Sterling Mine Road
    Sloatsburg, NY 10974
    +1 845 753 6440
    23.51 miles from the center

    3. Pomona Cycle and Mower Corp.
    49 North Madison Avenue
    Spring Valley, NY 10977
    +1 845 356 3330
    30.07 miles from the center

    4. E/T Equipment Company
    425 S. Riverside Avenue
    Croton on Hudson, NY 10520
    +1 914 271 6126
    33.14 miles from the center

    5. Dell Garden Center
    975 Goffle Road
    Hawthorne, NJ 07506
    +1 973 636 6777
    35.92 miles from the center

    There are some spring incentives in place until the end of this month, the Mini Z and Super Mini Z have 1300.00 off of MSRP, at participating dealers.
    The 25/52 Super Mini Z with the Kawasaki engine has a MSRP of $8595.00 and the promo price would be $7295.00

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.


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