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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Farmer Jon, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Farmer Jon

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    :cry: help! i loved my mini when bought it a few months ago, but now i'm having second thoughts. i've broken two belts, the little black thingy with a bolt going through it on the deck lift by the front right deck chain has broken, dealer taking forever to get another one and my deck 'aint level! i sheared off a belt pully on the deck, took it to the dealer, they said the bearing froze up and there were two others in the shop for the same thing. it has 200 hours on it!!! argh! i gotta recut every yard twice if my blades arent razor sharp. i mean i sharpen them weekly and buy new every month. help help help i got tooo many properties to have so much trouble and cut yards twice a day. anyone have ANY suggestions !!! i gotta buy a second mower soon and i wanted to get a full size super z . i love all the features but the deck seems horrible to me right now.
  2. pinnacle

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    If your having problems with the hustlers why praytell are you saying that you need a new machine and you want a Super Z?

    If I were you farmer Jon I would try your best to get the Mini cutting well. Talk to your dealer (nicely) about how you can both work together to solve the issue.( they like it when it seems to them that you are willing to help) Ask him if there is anything you could do to speed things up etc. Tell him that you would hate to have to find anouther dealer because you like being able to give your money to a nice guy. Then go and demo some other mowers . I don't know what else to say mate but these things are only sorted when you presure the dealer a little (In a nice way)
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    Hey Farmer Jon post it on the Hustler forum on this site. You will get taken care by Mowerconsultant on the Hustler forum if your dealer doesn't take care of it. It is still under warranty so they should get you fixed without any cost hopefully. Maybe you can a loner unit from the dealer until it is fixed.
  4. MacLawnCo

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    Buddy, its the deck thats causing the problems. Move up to the ultimate...the eXmark, and you will experience cutting bliss.

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