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    Sir, I am an Exmark WB owner who had planned on moving up to a Lazer but, the more I research the Hustler I am now not so sure that Exmark is best for me. So if I may ask a few questions of you I can make a more informed decision.................Other than greater engine options what are the differences between the Super and the Mini?.....What is the deck depth of these two units?.....What are owners of these models doing for stripe kits since Hustler doesn't offer them?.......Where can I obtain spec sheets on these two models as the web site doesn't go into things like tire size and pump manufacturer?......Do you have a spring sale every year as, there is quite a difference in the MSRP and the spring sale price?......Do you have a rating system for your dealers where they accumulate ratings points based on customer satisfaction?......I believe the Lazer vs Super Mini and Mini vs Lazer HP are in the same class but, if I'm wrong please correct me as I have narrowed my choices down to these two competitors and classes. Sell me on the Hustlers over the Lazers of the same class...........................I am a solo operater whose properties average 10,000 sq ft, some gated, with that in mind can you recommend one of the Hustlers? Nothing larger than a 48 inch deck. I am leary of not having enough hp which is the reason I found Hustler to begin with as Exmark only offers 19 hp for a 48 inch deck...........................Thank you sir for your time.
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    Here is a link to the spec sheet on our website for the Super Mini Z
    There is a misprint in it regarding tire size, they are 23 inch tires not 20 inch.
    Here is a link to the spec sheet for the Mini Z
    The deck depth is listed, it is 4"
    As far as striping kits, I have seen guys buy aftermarket rollers from this company
    I have also seen home made chain type kits, although you will find the unit to stripe very nicely with out a kit.
    Retail sale incentives vary from year to year and season to season, so checking with your dealer or here on LS is a must.
    We do not have a rating system for our dealers, if you have any particular question on a dealer I would be glad to answer it for you.
    The Super Mini Z has no competition on the market, it can not be compared to any other unit, it is a step above all in this category, due to its larger pumps and std hydro cooler with fan and of course the 13 mph ground speed.
    The Mini Z would be comparable to the eXmark units you are referencing.
    We only offer 44 and 52 inch models in the Super Mini Z, no 48, so for the gates it sounds like your going to need to buy a 44" model.
    The Super Mini's have more features and also should cost you about the same as the eXmarks, so your getting more for your money and most of all a more productive unit, which means more money in your pocket or more free time.
    You are getting better warranties and in my opinion a better built machine.
    2 years parts and labor
    Lifetime on a 1 piece welded frame
    Lifetime on the leading edge of the deck
    Lifetime against hoses and fittings leaking
    3 years on castor and spindle bearings.

    There are a ton of happy customers with these units, and I am sure some will post here also.
    Hope this helps and let me know if you have anymore questions.
  3. Shady Brook

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    Hustler is awesome!

    I don't think you will find better customer service, or a desire to make inovative cutting edge products that guys like us want then Hustler. I have both a Super and a Super mini. Don't believe the literature that the Super mini is slower, it will beat my Super every time, and my Super flys. The deck is deeper in the full size unit, and the design allows you to use double blades where it is not as functional to do so on the mini version. My Full size Super handles heavy growth better then the mini. The mini is more manuverable, and fits in tight places better and faster, but for all out mowing I would look at the Full Super first.

    You will be happy with Hustler!
  4. Mr Ricochet

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    Thank you for responding. Mowerconsultant you are very good at what you do and, are one of the reasons I am considering a Hustler................Shady Brook your feedback is very helpful. I must have a deck no larger than a 48 so the big Z is not an option at this time. As I progress in my research I will again lean on your expertise in making a decision on a rider...........Thank's again guys.
  5. greasy_gun

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    mr ricochet
    i bought a mini_z in 2004, have been extremely happy with it.
    cuts great, easy to maneuver.
    only prob ive had was replacing a steering arm, not because the gas went bad, the lil plastic bushing on the end broke.
    this happened on a friday evening, i emailed the hustler rep on this forum.
    he answered me FROM HIS HOME, ON HIS FAMILY/LEISURE TIME, and the situation was promptly corrected by my dealer(warranty).
    mr pj is for real, as is hustler:weightlifter:
  6. Nelson Lawns

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    If there is any way, demo a SMZ and all your questions will be answered.

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