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    I recently purchased a 48" SWB. I bought another set of blades for it from my dealer as well. When I went to change the blades, the replacement ones don't appear to be as wide as the original factory blades. They do not fit as closely to the saddle sides as the original ones. Is this ok? Also, is there anytime in the near future Hustler will offer a "gator-type " blade for this mower?.....Thanks.
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    Is there a part # stamped on the blade? if so post it and I will let you know if it is the right blade.
    We already offer a Gator blade for the 48" walk behind, it is part # 779330
    Here is a link to a thread that has all the blades for Hustler mowers in it.

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    The blades you got were very old blades made for the "very first standard" WB's, and not originally made for the newer WB's or SWB's. I bought a set of them from my dealer by mistake without checking them against the OEM blades. They are only slightly thinner. However, they will work just fine.
    Please note, make sure you use highlift blades, to get better action from your mower. SWB's came with lowlift blades which do nothing for the performance of the machine. I had been in touch with Hustler and recommended shipping all SWBs with highlift blades only.
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    Hello - fellows -
    I have concluded that the Hustler Super Walk Behind is the very best mower of it's type that any money can buy (unless you experts correct me). I am in the market for the 48" Super Walk Behind with 23HP Kaw engine. I am in Central TN, and would like a recommended dealer in GA, TN or KY for best price.
    QUESTIONS (a few)
    (1) will this model mow a small pasture with yard high thick grass
    (2) is there a wide-stance sulky available (like the Toro model) that will flip up out of the way to convert from riding to walking in the field.
    (3) HOW steep a slope may I expect to be able to walk along the side of with this mower while retaining control?
    (4) I do not know who is supposed to be answering this mail - but is there any other similar mower by any other company that is superior to the Hustler?
    (5) IS IT POSSIBLE that the regular 48" walk behind with 17HP engine would mow my yard tall thick pasture grass? I do not want any bogging.
    (6) any persistent warranty problems with these mowers that any of you encountered?

    Thank you very much - whoever answers!

    Jesus Christ IS God and I am NOT.
    Dean Flanders
    Crossville, TN
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    1) Yard high? as in 3 feet? I am sure it will cut it (very slowly) but do you want to put a finish mower through that kind of abuse? wouldn't a bush hog be better suited for the initial cut? then you can maintain a reasonable cutting height with your SWB.
    2) we do not offer sulkies, you would have to look at the several aftermarket ones out there, I am not familiar with a wide stance one that will flip up that has wheels... a Proslide will flip up and is kinda a wide stance plate with no wheels.
    3) I have seen guys cut pretty steep stuff.... what the slope was I don't know... if your cutting real steep stuff all the time, you can put a set of knobby tires on your unit, it will climb about anything then (it does now with the stock tires).
    4) No! .... I work for Hustler so I am supposed to say that of course. You can demo plenty of mowers out there and you may or may not find one better, I don't think you will though.
    5) I doubt it, see answer # 1
    6) Not to many things to go wrong on our walks, they are built very simple and strong.

    Hope this helps, I am sure there are a few guys that will answer some of your questions better than I can.

  6. GrassGuerilla

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    Dug this up looking for blade options. I'm finally in need of new blades for my 54" swb. I bought a bunch years back and have no idea what I ordered. Chart says 779348 should be the gators. Any other options? Will 797704 fit?

    Any aftermarket oregon or Stens?
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  7. hustlermidwest

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    If you go to our website you'll see a link at the bottom of the page for manuals. Pick you model number and it should give you a list of options.

    Brian O
  8. GrassGuerilla

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    Thanks Brian. But 927137 turns up 0 results on the site. It's an older unit, but not that old.
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  9. hustlermidwest

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    I'll do a little digging later this morning.

    Brian O
  10. hustlermidwest

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    I show three options fr your unit
    770339 is a 30 degree blade
    773499 is a 42 degree blade
    779348 is your gator blade
    Hope this helps,

    Brian O

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