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Super Z 26 LC or 28 EFI 60in


LawnSite Member
Redford, MI
I am getting a new mower but I cant decide b/t the 26 LC kaw and the 28 EFI.

My dealer keeps tellin me to stay away from the EFI because of the electronics and such, but I think its because he doesnt have the tools to work on them.

He keeps pushin me on the LC, he has one that he offered to me for $9300..is that a good price?


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
If your dealer doesn't support the Kohler / EFI then you may want to go with his suggestions on the L/C unit, each dealer and also in different regions support and have better relations with certain mfg's / distributors.
The 26/60 Super Z has a MSRP of $11,299.00 so you are getting 2k off MSRP, that is a good price.