Super Z clutch problems

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  1. squidbilly

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    Hi all. I have a 2009 Super Z (31 HP Kaw and 72" xr7 deck) with ~ 300 hrs on it. It has been cutting great all summer with no problems. After sitting for 2 or 3 weeks, I go out to crank it, and the battery is dead. So I jump it off, cut for a few hours, and park it. It won't crank back.

    So, naturally, I suspect the battery or the charging system. So, I put a relatively new Interstate battery in it, crank it, and cut for a few hours. It will not turn over when I shut it off. I jump it off and get out the multimeter. At full throttle, the voltage on the battery post climbs to well over 14 V (~14.3 V).

    Skip forward to today: I crank the mower and engage the blades, and they will not disengage. So I kill the mower. I crank it back, and the blades are still engaged. They will not disengage. Also, when the mower is off and the key is even off, if I pull out the PTO knob, the engine light comes on and the hydro fan starts turning.

    Has my my clutch simply gone bad causing the observed battery drain and the inability to disengage the blades? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  2. hustlermidwest

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    Electrical issues are goofy. It sounds like there are wires crossed. The first thing that crosses my mind is the 2-3 weeks of sitting and mice. First check all wiring including under control panel.

    Brian O
  3. LR3 Guy

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    Bush Rats can play havoc with electricals around here , if the equipment is
    left out in a carport . I've seen harnesses badly chewed .
  4. squidbilly

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    I did some more testing today. When I jumped it off, the PTO switch was acting as it should and nothing like was I had observed a day or two ago. The draw across the clutch was 4.5-4.7 V. I measured this at two different locations:
    1: between the clutch / pigtail
    2: between two contacts in the connector that plugs into the PTO switch

    Once started at full throttle, I measured 13.5 V at the battery. With it still running at full trhottle, I put the seat down and engaged the PTO and the reading at the battery dropped to 12.7-12.8 V.

    I then disconnected the fan and to attempt to measure its amperage. As I was getting my initial readings, it quit working. I plugged it back in and it still isn't working.
  5. squidbilly

    squidbilly LawnSite Member
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    I had blown the 15A fuse to the fan. I replaced it, and it is back working. Below is a summary of my measurements:

    at the clutch: 4.6-4.75 A
    at the clutch ~2.5 ohms
    hydro fan: ~3.75 A
    at the battery terminals at full throttle: ~13.5V (which is lower than the 14.3V I previously read)
    at the battery terminals at full throttle
    with PTO engaged: ~12.75V
    Coming from stator at full throttle: 25 VAC
    Coming from voltage regulator at full throttle: 15 VDC
    Measuring resistance:
    touch each stator lead to ground: both open circuits
    touch both stators leads: closed circuit

    I am leaning toward a stuck relay.
  6. hustler1

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    I have a 52" super mini z that keeps blowing the pto switch. After replacing all the bearings in the entire spindle line, and both belts it still blew another switch. Today I put in a new clutch.....and no difference. No engagement at all. I am baffled but do not know how to check all those voltages and amps.

    I checked the 3 fuses in the control panel with a continuity tester and they are all fine. Any suggestions?
  7. Tharrell

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    Check your safety switches.
    I had the exact same problem with another brand and it turned out to be my seat switch.

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