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Super Z Cutting at Speed - How Practical?


LawnSite Member
For those of you using a Super Z, can you maximize the speed of the machine on a "typical" yard or does it need to be golf course quality? And if you can't cut with the sticks maxed out, is it harder to control the speed on the machine than one that is maxed out at 9mph?

I'd like to demo a Super, but haven't found that to be practical yet.

Thanks in advance for any input.

FCS Services

LawnSite Member
Hello. I find that my super z can cut very fast if I’m not bagging. I can go full out on 2-4 inch buffalo grass if the ground is somewhat smooth. On thick blue grass you have to slow down accordingly if you want a good cut. My super Z is to big for small yards (5005 or less) unless the area is wide open. I have a few yards that are small but open and they take about 5 min to mow.