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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nuconz, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. nuconz

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    i bought the Hustler Super Z last year at the end of the season. got a good price and have < 15 hours on it at present but it is cutting horrible and i wonder why?

    some people don't like hustler and say they cut awful. the dealer says this is the best cutting mower he sells and he sells kubota, lazer and a couple of others.

    i have bahiagrass and swapped the blades when the original pair became slightly dull. the fusion blades are on the mower now. i also greased the hubs and added air to the tires. the pressure might be a over 8# since the air gauges don't really do a good job of indicating low pressure.

    it is just not cutting as well as it did when i first bought it. it skips over grass and lays the grass down. it seems as if the hub bearings are all bad. how can this be?

    i hate it that i have spent so much money on this mower to cut my property and others around me now have a better cut. am i doing something wrong?:confused:
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    Before I recently sold all my Hustlers, I ran the long straight edged Fusion blades and tried to keep them as sharp as possible. When cutting bahia, try to cut it fairly low and keep the ground speeds down.
  3. nuconz

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    here's what has changed lately: the grass is now healthier than before due to rain. i cut the grass the last 2 times after the rain to reduce the amount of dust thrown in the air.

    i allow the grass to grow sufficiently so the seed stalks grow and form seeds. i cut the grass at 3", as recommended by "the pros", whoever "they" are.

    the 66" mower came with the straight fusion blades and cut great when i first got it and cut great until the last cut. i swapped the original blades with the same straight fusion blades before the last cut. these were new and unused.

    i am frustrated with this situation because the Hustler is the best handling Z-turn i have ever driven. none that i've driven compare. and when i first bought it, the thing cut awesome.

    there have been quite a few posts on these sites about Hustlers cutting horrible.
  4. tacoma200

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    I've been where you are but I thought the problems were only in Northern grasses. Most guys in Florida seem happy. Your right, great handling ZTR but they won't cut the grass here unless you cut low. The XR7 is not a high lift deck which is what I have to have. A lot of guys cut very low here because they can't cut high with out leaving uncut grass.
  5. nuconz

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    and that's just what my neighbors are doing. they cut very low and don't allow the stalks to form seeds. i don't cut that low because i want the seed stalks. additionally the property needs a landscape rake run over it to smooth it more. it is rather bumpy.

    maybe i'll try the 2.5" setting next time. but it was fine on the 3" setting when i first bought it.
  6. QualityLawnCare4u

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    First, have you tried sharpening the blades? I cut 2 acres of bahai today with sharp blades and when I finished the mower was cutting badly. Took off the blades and they are dull as crap after only one yard. Reason, bahai has a high silicon content(what sand is) so it dulls them quickly. Also I have a deere and a exmark and anything over 2.5 on bahai leaves the cut you are describing. I have never used a hustler so I can't compare them. However, try sharpening the blades and go lower. If that does not work have your dealer check the pitch and side to side of your deck. After I adjusted my exmark this past week it made a big difference and also some new high lifts to go along.
  7. Keith

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    I can't really offer any magic bullets. I don't have the XR7, but I can tell you that bahia can be very tough to figure out with any mower. My Lazer cuts better with a higher lift. My Super Z 60" non-XR7 seems to cut bahia better at 2.75" than any other height. I ended up using medium lift Scag blades and it's about as good as can be expected.

    If the grass is really surging from a lot of rain though, it just is going to be near impossible to cut that low. 2.75" works when the grass is dried out a few days, when the stalks get really tough.
  8. nuconz

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    initially the super z cut much better than the z60 i bought in 2003. personally i believe the xr7 is a marketing ploy. people say that the 2" spacers provide a better cut with the straight blades, as opposed to the gull wing blades. and this makes sense. the xr7 includes the spacers on the hubs and ships with the fusion blades.

    as i say both of the hustler machines handle like a dream and are far better than anything else i've driven as far as response goes. i bought the super z to have a faster and BETTER cut. if it won't provide a BETTER cut, i don't need it.

    i know the hustler rep won't be on the group until next week. but wow, i don't know if i've ever heard of a grasshopper cutting badly. i just feel stupid about buying the wrong machine.

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    brand new blades are not sharp. you should have sharpened the new blades first then it would cut better
  10. nuconz

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    never herd this one before. sounds like the best whopper yet!

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