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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by puppypaws, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Big Dog Diablo

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    I have a Big Dog Diablo(made by hustler) that has the 35hp Kawasaki on it and I love the mower. Its rated top speed is 13-14mph i believe but as a growing lawn care owner I honestly dont have not one account where I can mow that fast. Either the property is too rough or to many trees, bushes etc....Honestly even if I could I cant see me ever mowing that fast on any property. There are alot of good mowers out there but for anyone to say one is better than the other is all a matter of opinion. I have run Ferris, Grasshopper, Toro, Scag and all are quality machines but it really just depends on what situation the mower will be used.
  2. greenology

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    It really comes down to each individual finding which mower suits their situation the best. Mostly by demoing the machine in their area along with their own research, hence the importance of having demo ZTRs available!
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    Interesting to see so much venom directed towards Puppy, but I digress.

    It's pretty obvious that a lot of you gentleman do not like Hustler mowers, fine. I'm just wondering how many of you have actually used the new Super Z HD in a real world application? I'm looking to replace two (2) ZTR's and the top 3 contenders are Scag, Hustler and Gravley.

    For me, the big selling point of the Hustler is the 5 year/3,000 hour warranty on the HD system. I'm impressed by 21cc pumps and 3 gallons of hydro fluid as opposed to 16cc pumps found on everything else. Cut quality will be the deciding factor followed by durability/warranty and then cost.
  4. greenology

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    What do you want to know about the SZ ? Best for you to demo for yourself.
  5. K&L Landscaping

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    I agree 100% and demos are in the process of being coordinated. I don't really need to demo Scag's (except the Cheetah) because I have a few in the fleet already. Gravely has been the easiest to work with so far and Hustler is trying to get a SZ HD located for me to use. I'm in a fairly remote area so it does take some effort for these reps to get to me.
  6. GMLC

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    I look foward to your opinions on each machine. After 3 months of demos I was down to Scag, Gravely and Ferris. All had certain things I liked and didnt like. I never considered Hustler seriously because of all the problems I read on LS plus they are very very rare here. I did find one LCO running them with horrible results and I posted pics in another Hustler thread. I will say this, Puppy has sparked my interest enough to at least try one. I would love to review one in my conditions.
  7. CurbAppealKS

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    I agreed gmlc, I'm a die hard walker believer and my next mower will most likely be an mb or mbs, but based on the fact that the hustler dealer is right in town coupled with the results that puppy gets makes me interested to at least try one out when it comes time. I just wish they had a smaller deck for the super hd.
  8. CurbAppealKS

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    If you follow my posts puppy, I have openly admitted that I was impressed by your machine and what you can do with it. And the post right above yours, I said "I would like to try an hd when the time comes for me to buy a new mower". I have my own pre conceived notions as to how it will work for me, but I'm still open to try it because of the success you have with it. With that being said, the way I'm trying to market my business is away from the large properties that the super z will shine on. I would like to have more 1 acre or less properties that I can cut and trim in around 20-30 min. In my area that is more profitable.

    As far as discrediting hustler, we are simply saying that they need to be focusing on creating a more versatile machine that will sell to people all around the country and give them good results. Look at the turf tiger, it is arguably the number one commercial mower available, based on the fact that they are built tough, like hustler, but they also cut grass and leave an acceptable cut in almost all conditions, unlike the hustler.

    Imagine if you had the super z hd, with either the velocity + or 7 iron deck. In my opinion you would have a good competitor for the best machine available. From a reliability and build quality standpoint they are second to none, but they as a company simply cannot build a deck that is reliable everywhere and this is what hurts them.
  9. Valk

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    My take is that 'others' are saying that "your mileage may vary" when it comes to particular mowers cutting regional grasses. They would hate to see or hear of someone making a poor decision based on blanket statements.

    No one mower will ever be the end-all/mow-all unit to achieve the best cut on all grasses in all conditions. So, folks who are here doing their research at LS need to take note of their region and what is working better for those regional folks based on their experiences. There's a LOT to digest when it comes to how best, er better, to make an investment when buying lawn equipment.
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    I have personally said many times I believe the Scag Velocity Plus deck is the best all around deck on the market, and I've also operated the JD of which I thought the cut was excellent, but it rode really rough.

    With this being said, I've had no problems with the cut of my VX4 or the discharge spread. From what I've seen there is very little (if any) difference in clipping size of the Velocity Plus and the VX4 deck.
    With what I've had to deal with this year there is no deck that will do a really good job, but my VX4 cut has been more than acceptable.

    People that cut smaller lawns and properties need not read what I show and explain, and this is for the fact it does in no way pertain to their way of cutting.

    You speak of going to smaller properties where you claim there is more money to be made, when many I know think just the opposite, they prefer to maintain larger properties to keep from dealing with so many different property owners. The same as people like to operate differently in business, they also prefer different mowers. You have absolutely no need for a Hustler Super Z, the X-ONE would be better suited to your new business plan.

    Your perception from listening to an elite few participating in LawnSite is that the Hustler will not give a good cut, and until you try one in your specific cutting situation there is no way for you to know. I have cut in the best and worst cutting scenario in my area this year, and both my XR-7 and VX4 decks have given very acceptable results in all categories.

    I've put one of the top mowers side by side that did not perform as well in many categories, but as has been pointed out by many, there was a reason for this. I will also say you could have cut with a Scag Velocity Plus, JD, Exmark, or any other brand and they all would have given poor results due to our area being blasted with extreme amounts of rainfall.

    I honestly believe the Gravely Pro-Ride (old EverRide) due to its open tunnel deck and extremely large discharge opening may perform best in the conditions we've been forced to deal with, in comparison to the 472 Pro-Turn.

    I've honestly cut grass and weeds that would have been better suited to a tractor and bush-hog, but it would have torn the ground all to pieces. The big Hustler got it done, and the engine held its operating rpms extremely well, it wasn't pretty, but I will straighten this look out with time.

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