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  1. dmelideo

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    I have three questions
    1. What is your recommendation for cleaning under a Super Z deck? I have metal car ramps but they don't really lift the front high enough for cleaning.

    2. Also, is it OK to use a high pressure sprayer under the deck? I have read this is not really advised.

    3. Is there a liquid I can spray under the deck to help remove any wet accumulated grass? I have seen silicone aerosol sprays and used PAM in the past on small mowers.

    Thanks in advance
  2. mowerconsultant

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    1) A floor jack to raise the mower as high as you can go and then use jack-stands to secure it.
    Or buy a mower lift such as the MoJack.

    2) No it is not ok, we don't recommend it, it will blast water and debris in areas you don't want it.

    3) I am not aware of any such liquids or sprays that work.

  3. rwreuter

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    you can use the MoJack XT or MoJack Pro....NOT the MoJack EZ

    I have the MoJack XT for my X-One, which weighs in at 1260 pounds or so......I called MoJack and asked the guy which one. And, after some figuring (approx. 30% of the weight is in the front) he said to buy the XT.

    The thing works great, I highly recommend it!!!
  4. TOBud

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    After the deck has been thoroughly cleaned you might try Fluid Film spray on the underside. It is advertised for this use and has pretty good staying ability. It does need to be reapplied from time to time.
  5. Pierre2013

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    I use cedar shims to remove the crap under the deck. It is cheap, efficient, easy and never scratches the paint. I buy them at Home Depot. A pack of 42 is $4. Each shim is about 2 inches wide.

    I would like to provide you a link, but the web site of HD isn't working very well right now. Just go to their web site and search 'cedar contractor shim'.

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