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    I have owned 4 Hustler Super Z mowers in the last 6 years and each one has been very good. I will say without doubt the 66" XR-7 with the Kohler 28 hp electronic fuel injected engine I run now has been absolutely perfect in every respect.

    This mower has the flex forks and flex seat which makes the ride second to none and I do mean none. I cut at 15 mph which is top ground speed on this mower a great deal of the time, it does an excellent job at the 2 3/4" cutting height I use, as you increase cutting height you cannot use the high speed effectively, it just doesn't have time to lift the grass for a clean cut. I doubt seriously any mower can cut at 3 1/2" with that speed and do a very good job.

    The 28 efi starts, stops and runs perfectly with excellent fuel economy, it has been far superior to the 25 hp Kawasaki and the two 27 hp Kohler's I had on the previous Super Z's.

    I can say without reservation this mower which now has over 300 hrs. with zero problems or down time is the best mower for my application I will ever own. I could buy a brand new one tomorrow and there is no way for it to perform better, I would speculate I could not get another one this perfect.

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