Super-Z HD vs. Lazer RED EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 1, 2013.

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    Nah...I love the Hi-jack! Keeps me from having too many active threads to check on.

    As you were...
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    Like I said, you don't need a special deck in my area, the tunnel style works great. I've watched where the 260 has cut grass for years at my church, and it has always done a very good job. When and if it was cut a little wet and overgrown, you could tell the clippings were longer and had to be scattered by raising the deck and running back over the heavy areas.

    This happened a few times this spring when the grass was staying wet and growing really fast, but now you see no clippings left to deal with. The reason for this is because the grass is not growing nearly as fast, and cutting on a weekly schedule he is taking off less at his original cut height, which in return relates to less clippings to deal with.

    The cutting the new 260 does from here on out due to our grasses and weather; will look as good as any deck on the market. Our grasses cut much easier than what you normally deal with, it's just a different cutting world in the south.

    That makes a lot of sense...
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    Thanks for the update. I kinda wondered where you went.:confused:

    Have you had any, or much seat time on freshly rained on or dew covered lawns with it? Got any pics of the cut? I know well what Exmark's cut like, but we all like pics of new machines doing there thing.;)
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    Yes, yes we do!
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    I got a couple for you today Mick. Just my own lawn and one other. No biggie, but it was all I had time for in between rains.
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    I'm cutting in constant rain. Had to finally park her because she's due for a LOF.

    It disperses better than my XR7 but only by a little and this is with G6 blades right now and shinny yellow deck paint. Both are spitting little clumps out due to the moisture. I'm torn. Hustler has done so well for me as far as maintenance and durability and this new HD handles and rides so well, it's clean and simple, love the park brake, is staying on slopes better than any ztr I've tried, it's tempting. I've been at this so long I'm starting to wonder if any mower can make my clippings look good! Had one property today that had so much growth in seven days we (two people) spent 45 min blowing in the rain. I finally gave up in one area and literally took approx. ten heaping grain shovels of clippings off the lawn and threw them in the neighboring field. Too much water and healthy turf. I do the fertilizer with slow release 70% duration so I know it's not due to extreme over feeding. So will any mower help?

    I've been recontacted by the out-of-state Scag dealer and he claims he's trying to get the rep to come out to me with a 61" Cheetah. I have no idea which engine I'd go with other than one of the bigger ones. They don't offer EFI on the Cheetah for some reason. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Exmark is falling short. Shoot not even falling. Non existent. No demo. Just not enough sales to justify having anything here in the north west U.S. Made one last attempt and called Exmark today.

    It looks like I'll be taking a family trip to PA in a couple of weeks and may try to postpone the purchase even longer trying to demo while I'm there. Not sure how to do it. Probably something like "Hey I'm from out of state and want to put some hours on your mower. So could take some time out of your busy schedule and take me somewhere with lots of grass? Oh and by the way , if I buy one, it won't be from you. So how about it?" And to make things even better it won't be on my grasses.

    Oh and an quick update on muffler burn. Checked the spot where it idled for approx. 15 min. last week and no ill effects were found. So, so far so good on the exhaust location.
  7. GMLC

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    I just wish you could try the 400 series. The only thing Gravely took from Everride was the dial adjust deck height which is really cool. There must still be a market for the Pro-Ride/Everride because they still sell it(its a really old design). I honestly know nothing about it accept its a red everride, has a tunnel deck, and a pivoting front end. Do you know what tunnel decks are made for? Rough cutting? I have never used one.

    Anyway I think you will be the first to review it unless there are some old everride reviews on LS? I look foward to it.
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    There's a forum member here that goes by Razorblades. I saw he posted a fewew days ago, and I know he told me a while back that he reads more than posts, but if he saw this he'd pipe up in a hurry. He runs the 260 Pro Ride with the tunnel deck and has posted pics (and maybe a short vid?) of it cutting down some very tall and thick grass quite nicely in one pass.

    I've owned more tunnel decks than flat top decks like most ZTR's have. They cut great, stripe great and get the clipings out in a hurry due to the tunnel design. The clippings don't get swirled around under the deck near as much as they do under a deep flat top deck. They get cut and re-cut as the clippings pass from blade to blade on the way out, but overall, they discharge much like a VX4, 7 Iron or V+ deck does. Normally there's no inner baffle at the front, just the front wall of the deck and that deep tunnel which makes cutting tall and/or thick grass fairly easy, and the tunnel creates a nice strong airflow to the chute.
  9. Razorblades

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    I bought a Gravely Pro Ride 260 in Sept. 2011 and did a small review on it last year after I had gotten some seat time with it in different cutting conditions.

    Being in the South, my cutting conditions and grass types are different than yours. This time of year (where i'm at) will be the best cutting conditions for the next 3-5 weeks depending on the amount of rain and how hot it gets.

    I cut mostly native bahia grass, dallis grass and bermuda, with some St Augustine and Zoysia in a few areas. My area is a rural country, small community, with mostly non sprinkler fed lawns.

    Rght now, the bahia is just coming in and is still tender and not stemmy yet.
    When it gets dry and hot down here, the bahia stems will start getting tougher to cut without leaving stragglers. Eventualy in mid to late summer it is really tough to cut clean. Which is why I bought the Pro Ride.

    With it's blades being located pretty far away from the front of the deck, it really excels in cutting the dry stemmy grasses, such as bahia and dallis grass. It is the best deck that I have found so far in cutting this type of grass. It also does great on the St. Augustine, bermuda and Zoysia that I cut weekly, and the clippings are not very large on those areas and it will cut them all clean with a very good, even discharge.

    I think that the EverRide Warrior came out in around 2003. I read alot of the old reviews on them, and while the early versions had a few pulley and spindle issues, they were updated and corrected before Ariens bought them out.

    The EverRide Warrior got alot of good reviews on the cutting ability of the deck by most who demo'ed and most who bought them. The biggest negative being the longer clipping size when cutting tall grass. There were a few that didn't like the cut, as with any brand, but most talked pretty positive of the cut. Even some in the Northern states that used them, spoke highly of them.

    By the way, I know i'm going to catch some flack from Ridin Green:) for suddenly popping in this thread when the Tunnel deck Gravely was mentioned, but in all fairness, I had posted in this thread in the early pages before the Pro Ride was mentioned.

    Just to let you know Ridin Green; a friend of mine recently bought a nearly new 2012 Z920a? John Deere and i'm going try it for a few days along with my Pro Ride and Lastec, so I'll get to see how they compare on my accounts. I also know a guy that bought a Hustler Super Z with the vx4 deck (60"). He told me to come try it out some time. So that may be in the works also before long if the arrangements can be made.

    Sorry TLS for hijacking your thread::confused:

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    I've been very busy lately. Out the door at 4 AM and not out of shower until after 9PM! First half is my other job, second half is mowing. Memorial Day was my first day "off" from both so far this season. Keeping up so far. We'll see what happens later in the year when it gets dark sooner!

    Only complaints with the Lazer is the rock solid front casters.

    I need to hire Mickhippy's camera-girl to get some action shots. I'll take a few more pictures soon though.
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