Super-Z HD vs. Lazer RED EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 1, 2013.

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    Send me a ticket!
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    This thread has been invaluable, to me, as I've been contemplating various Hustlers to the Laser X.

    I don't have any particular cutting issues with my current Hustler. It seems their chassis is the way to go, especially with Flex Forks and Semi-Pneumatic tires. I've sat on both machines and prefer the cockpit of the Hustler, as well. In looking at Hustler's site, I discovered they offer a 60" X-ONE with the Kohler EFI. I'm thinking that's the route I'm going to go. But....

    1.) Do you guys know if the Kohler, in this application, has the switchable power modes? Or, should I even worry about it?

    2.) I'm moving up from a FasTrak 42" with integrated drives. eXmarks are integrated. In thinking about longevity, should I be worried about the X-ONE not having an oil cooler for the drives?

    3.) In looking at other threads, I notice you guys run aftermarket blades. I've never tried anything else. Should I consider something like Gator or G6 blades?

    Thank you, in advance.
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    No flack from me bro. If you notice, I posted about you and your machine just above your post.:)
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    I haven't ridden a new Lazer, but if your front run flats are as rough riding as the ones they put on the Deere Z's like mine, it ain't no fun.:nono::dizzy:
    I looked into getting the pneumatics when I bought mine, and they were actually going to install them before delivery, but when they came in they were quite a bit narrower, so I passed. Since I need to buy rims and wheels, I haven't had much luck finding anything without going to the hassle of making sure they'll fit my axle bolts and painting. I'm going to get a set of the flex forks once they become readily available. They told me late in the year before the dealers would have them as an in field installed option.:rolleyes:
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    Just want you guys to know why Im so hard on those VX4 pics I posted. These pics are what I expect to see for dispersal when cutting off 3.5"-5" in moisture ridden northern grasses in the spring(one pass). When cutting off 3" or less I seen none of this and once summer comes I can cut up 5" without seeing this. It takes me a minute or two to blow these clumps but most of the time they dry up into almost nothing before I get to them. My velocity deck would have cut a tad better in these conditions but with more of a carpet of longer clippings instead of these small clumps. I can cut in the rain with similar results and have already posted a ton of those pics in other threads. So its safe to say these are some of my worst cut quality pics:)








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    Now these are cutting 8"-12" of weeds in a paddock. One pass down to 3.5". These are about the worst clumps I can get out of my machine.








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    My dealer told me this morning he was going to get me a Gravely 400 series along with the Pro-Ride 260 to compare, like I say, I've got a dealer second to none, just wish everyone could have a dealer the caliber of mine.

    He personally sold a Hustler Super Z HD with the big Kawi, a Hustler X-ONE, and a Bobcat this morning, and he told me he had no idea what his dad and the other salesman sold, but knew they sold mowers this morning as well.

    He said we may need to put the Grammer seat on your new mower, I want you to tell people about the difference between your Michigan and the Grammer. Like I said, I've got a dealer second to none.

    He also told me I would like the air-ride seat on the Gravely 400 series, he was explaining about the switch to add or decrease the air cushion.

    Tell us a little about this seat and suspension on the 400 series, I take it your 452 is equipped with that setup?
  9. GMLC

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    That's great news and a great dealer!!

    Yes my 452 has all of this. The air seat can be adjusted from no travel to around 6". It does change your center of gravity when in the higher range. I like to be around 2" up. The seat is made with some kind of memory foam as well and can be moved forward and back, arms can be adjusted, and the seat back can be adjusted. Now there are also rubber isolated platforms/decks for your feet, the seat, the engine cradle and even rubber cushions for the control handles. These platforms also work as suspension and eliminate any vibration to the operator. And the last form of suspension are the no flat front tires which to me are equal to 7 psi pneumatics. Cant wait for your take on the 400 series!

    Oh and I like to run 10-12psi in the rear tires depending on my conditions. If it has the XF2 deck there are a ton of adjustments with the adjustable baffles. I run 1/4" pitch.
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    I've already told him I wanted to make sure the tires were at 10 psi, the deck was pitched at 1/4", no build up under the deck and the blades were sharp. He knows I am a stickler for detail, and he also knows you cannot get a true test unless every setup detail is addressed.

    There are people that when demoing a used mower need to make sure the deck is clean underneath, this can totally change the cutting and airflow design from what was originally intended.

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