Super-Z HD vs. Lazer RED EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 1, 2013.

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    hmm.. what are your thoughts Mick?

    How would your XR7 deck have dealt with cutting that?
  3. Mickhippy

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    Its wet, even the XR7 struggled on that place when it was wet. That grass has Qld Blue cooch, kykyu, Bahia, paspalum I think it is and other common cooch etc. A real mixed bag!

    The VX4 always gets clumps on there where the XR7 was no problem. Its a good lawn for testing. Problem now is it will be 3 or 4 weeks before I can do it again!

    I went back and did that prop about 90min later when it dried out. The baffle failed! Thats all I can say about it for now!

    Point of the vid is its the same thing that happened in the pics GMLC put up. The spits or vomits! ha
  4. greenology

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    That's a real shame mate! I'm sure its a kick in the guts
  5. Mickhippy

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    Yeah mate, I am spewing about it. I had high hopes thats for sure!:cry:

    Not the end of it though. I have a few more ideas to try out. At least Im not on my own with this now.
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    Well, that's something anyway. Better than what you were getting from them all through the season. This sure has been a real PITA for ya. Good luck bro.:drinkup:
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    Mic, I want vid of some night mowing!! Want to see the neighbors coming out with there torches!

    That's more like what I get here in the taller grasses even on a seven day cut. More spits and carpeting than actual big clumps. Right now I see slightly less of this with the VX4 than the XR7 but it's still a problem and may get worse once paint is off the bottom of the deck.

    I took your advise and checked on bagger baffle and rep had not heard of anyone trying it to side discharge but thought it was a good idea. He believed it would get the VX4 back closer to the XR7 by doing this. It comes as part of the bagging kit which I'd be getting as part of the purchase. So no problems trying.

    He also talked to me a little about installing two blades per spindle in more of an "x" shape rather than a "t" or cross like Dixie had done. I'm not sure if this is something Huslter is looking into or just something he's taking on on his own.

    If you get a chance get on an HD. I can't say enough about the tires and the seat. May be able to add them to your unit.

    I put my purchase on hold this weekend due to further hopes of demoing a Cheetah or Lazer on my properties.
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  8. puppypaws

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    Can you please explain the difference you've found between the old style Michigan (Milsco) seat and the new Grammer seat? I do believe the Grammer is designed to handle up to 375 lbs, whereas the Michigan is not.
  9. greenology

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    If your getting issues with the cut from demoing with VX4 then you may regret purchasing! If you could try the baffle before purchase to see if it fixes maybe but afterwards wouldn't be a great idea. just my 2 cents. I just think you don't want to be blowing clippings around. Best to get a Z that will give the best results without the need to tidy up after it...

    Would love to hear what you think of the Cheetah! Cheers
  10. mtmower

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    IMO the Grammer is not quite as nice looking, although the Michigan was no super beauty. The foam is nicer. Thicker and more like memory foam. The seat uses an air bag as suspension which is twice as smooth and comfy. Then you have the suspension travel front to rear which takes out the back slap and can be locked out if not wanted. This is probably what really makes this seat shine. It also has nice big adjusters on the armrests. Levers to adjust everything except armrests instead of a turn knob which is harder to operate (in my case they're frozen up from lack of use). Fore and aft adjustment is ridiculously extreme. But then I'm all about extreme. Typical reclining adjustment that goes pretty far forward as well. It's the best seat I've had the privilege of sitting in. This means a lot to me due to a bad back. I'm one of those that will take comfort over performance slightly if given the choice. This HD rides and handles better than my XR7 with the Michigan and FFs. This is one reason it's so hard for me to take this machine off my list. The tires and seat do so well even before adding flex forks which I would still do since this deck is even easier to float. I'm just that way.:laugh:

    Good news possibly on the Exmark front. I received a voice mail telling me a dealer from WA may be making a trip out here with a Lazer for me to demo! Here! On my properties! Called back and left message so we will see. Up to this point this is another reason it's hard to drop Hustler from my list because they were the first to consider getting a demo out to me. Hey, it's something.








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