Super-Z HD vs. Lazer RED EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 1, 2013.

  1. Mickhippy

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    In the name of good sportsmanship, you too! ha :drinkup:
  2. Go with the super z, I have one with the hyperdrive and vx4 and I think it disperses wet crab grass great, plus the hydro system is super strong.
  3. weaver

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    To late... He went with the Exmark.....
  4. TLS

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    Yeah, I'll live with sub-par crabgrass discharge and trade off with the superior EFI and super suction of the UC Deck.

    My trim ability is amazing with the Lazer.
  5. puppypaws

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    Give us a rundown on how the new efi compares to the old efi you operated for many years, things like cranking, switching off, fuel usage, and anything else you may like to add.
  6. ducnut

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    General FYI, the Super Z HD will be, if not already, available with Kawasaki EFI.

    Adjusting the baffle plate on the VX4 makes a huge difference in deck performance. I'm running mine in the lowest position. The QOC and suction definitely improved, for me. This, also, changed the discharge pattern for the better, for what I cut. It comes out more dispersed, with a less direct stream of clippings, if that makes sense. Obviously, I've reduced the amount of air moving through the deck.

    I've not, yet, tried an eXmark. But, the dealer has offered me a demo unit. Maybe, when I'm ready for a new mower, I'll take him up on it, as I don't waste people's time and efforts if I'm not buying.

    I have a set of Hustler's mulch blades and plan on trying them, too. Unfortunately, I lost my "control yard", as the owner sold the home. I'm still trying to get the new owner to utilize my services, instead of spending 3-4hrs on his Craftsman each week. :laugh:
  7. mtmower

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    I been lucky to be able to demo the SZ HD, Scag Cheetah and TT, and Exmark X this fall. For my grasses, tall, fine fescue, the Velocity and VX4 were both clean cuts with the Velocity getting a slight edge on the HD with slightly better dispersal. I believe this is due to the turbo baffle they use. The X left stingers in the yard unless cutting slow and/or below 3.25" but of course had the best clipping dispersal of the three. I'm looking to buy two new units this coming spring and will only buy an EFI or DFI unit so I hope your right that Hustler is finally coming out with one again. They've been saying this for the last two years, claiming delays due to heat issues. IMHO I think it was more of a $ thing and Hustler sold their soul to Kawi for thousands of carb engines cheap. My hope is the HD and/or Cheetah will be available with EFI/DFI
  8. TLS

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    Everything is peachy Puppy! Thing is a mowing machine! Doesn't like crabgrass and clover and whatever other wet weed that's going apeshit this year! It'll clog up a little and spit out clumps. I rectify this by switching to middle or low position (3400 or 3250) and it won't load up at all!

    Cut is fabulous, even on the crab, something the XR-7 failed with. The XR-7 would load up just the same, but it gave a crappy finish as it didn't have the suction or power to plow through it and leave it crisp.

    In normal dry grass is has no peers. Cuts pooltable smooth. The thicker and lusher the grass, the better!

    Engine wise, very similar to our 28EFI's, but with what seems like twice the power. I forget what the economy is, but I posted it when I first got it and if anything it's probably gotten slightly better. I'll have to check it (I've been so busy cutting with all this rain, I always nurse off my two 5gal cans).

    So nice with the throttle switch. You KNOW what your rpms will be while cutting...(3650, 3400, 3250), so no need to pay attention, just hit the switch and mow!

    Unless things have changed, the Kawi EFI is nowhere near what Kohlers' system offers. Plus, I have hydraulic lifters.

    I still like the Heavy Duty-ness of the Hustler, but have put the Lazer through the paces and it hasn't missed a beat! This new UC deck is built very stout, as is the rest of the tractor!

    The trimmability of this machine is amazing. I haven't hardly used my SCAG WB! I've put this Lazer on hills and banks that made me nervous with the walkbehind! It's like a billygoat! Up, down, side to side, I can stop going DOWN a very steep hill and back right up!

    The hydro's are very powerful and eager. Nothing like what my SuperZ did on hills (it hated them!).
  9. ducnut

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    "hustlermidwest" posted, in the sponsor forum, that EFI is imminent.

    That's interesting.

    I wouldn't be confident, with Kawasaki.

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