Super-Z HD vs. Lazer RED EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 1, 2013.

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    I know youve seen the clumping yourself mate, was just putting it out there.
    Will be interesting how your buddy goes. Be sure to pass on his thoughts!

    MT, I had the 28efi on my first SZ 60". I agree its a great little engine but terribly under powered for the machine, even with the 60". 66" just wouldnt work around here.
    While the 31 was ok on the XR7, again it was just enough when getting onto slopes and long stuff. Bare minimum for that machine IMO.
    This new SZ needs the 37/35 if you ever do slopes or heavy cutting.
    The 37 Kawi does like a drink thats for sure and I hate having to go fill it up several times a week but having that much grunt is very handy for me.

    The tanks are a huge pita. The cap chord gets knotted around the fuel line and is a mind fcuk to untangle as its a pretty long reach past the "cup" to get to the knot. 30min it took me last time. I have to do it again now as I can barely get the cap off enough to fill. I might have to just cut the chord, but I dont want to!

    I also agree, and have said before Im sure that people just need to demo before purchase, a good demo etc. The clumping problems might not happen for everyone in there locations.
    The machine itself is a tank, the stuff it can do would make many of you freak but. Its a very HD machine and I believe in a league of its own.
    If they can put a dfi/efi on it and get the discharge sorted, (and I believe they are going to take it more seriously now) the machines a dead set winner.

    And Hustler, if your reading this..... Turbo Baffle without making the chute smaller!
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    10 bucks says he buys the hustler. He is a die hard fan and will put blinders on after its bought, claiming its the best mower ever.

    Truth is the exmark is by far a better unit long term. Hustler just always has issues one way or another. Its a 3 yr mower at best.
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    Basically the VX4 will clump in all grass types here in Aus, it doesnt discriminate the "type" of grass over here, only the length/thickness of the grass & if you add any kind of moisture the clumping is two fold. But moisture doesnt need to be there! it only adds to the problem

    Im assuming you guys have the same thing, thick & long grass? I cant understand why you guys dont have it as bad. Is your grass mostly thin maybe?

    I run the VX4 with an X1, so my top speed for cutting is 11mph, but rarely cut at that speed anyway my jobs are too rough, usually between half and 3/4 speed. But beleive me the clumping can be just as bad at snail pase (1-3mph), so speed is not a factor. Just thought Id pass on that info if its any use :)

    But if you dont get any clumping with the VX4 then its an excellent deck apart from that, Its made very strong, I really like the antiscalps being moulded into the deck.

    The SZ itself is a great machine. Didnt suit me, with a lot of ruts the hydros were too jerky. But apart from that its excellent & Im sure hustler have done very well. If there were no clumping and I only ever cut sports fields, then I wouldnt own anything else.
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    Mtmower if you demo the jd I think you will love the cut. They excel in northern turf. You have a lot of bluegrass in your area right? Should do wonderful in that type of turf. I had two jd demos and they cut really nice and I know you don't want to hear this but they cut carpet smooth like the xfactor. They discharge better and that is what I liked about them.
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  5. TLS

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    Take a look at my profile.

    The only repeats are a string of John Deere's from the mid 80's until I bought my Dixie Chopper. I've also had multiple SCAG's. Other than that, it would be hard to say I'm a "die hard fan" of any particular brand. I buy the best mower (for me) that money can buy. I buy new, and buy the top of the line with all the bells and whistles.

    I would agree that my current era SuperZ may be a 3yr mower, but the newer units are hard to beat when it comes to build strength and quality.

    If SCAG's Velocity+ deck was built anywhere near as good as the VX4 (gussets, strengthening ribs, recessed scalp wheels, skirt wear bar, etc, etc), I'd be strongly considering them as well.
  6. TLS

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    I will keep you filled in. So far he loves it. He is coming from a 28 EFI 66". Originally thought he miss the 6", but the extra speed and power make up for it.

    I told him at least 50 of the hours on it were mine!
  7. djagusch

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    A deck is made to cut grass not be a bulldozer.

    The HD superduty's frame is basically the same, the deck is a copy of a scag (words from the dealer meetings) but it sounds like they are made to bulldoze dirt, and they overdid the hydro's due to their failings in the past (while other mfg's could figure it out with common hydro's). Yep its such a much better mower!
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    Talked to a good friend back in Ohio that has run nothing but exmark x series for the last 12 plus years. He ran Toro and Scagg before this. He just bought another new one. So far likes it. Opted for the carb. 29 hp because he was concerned about getting the RED first year out. Likes the seat a lot not much else stood out as a negative or positive. I just with they offered flex forks.
  9. Ridin' Green

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    Does the JD you are wanting to try have the new FF's and the suspension seat? If not, try to find one that does. That is my only complaint with the JD's. They ride rough, but the cut is second to no one and better than most, especially in damp conditions. IMO, they are built more than heavy enough for any mowing use you could think of, but to be honest, they cheapened up the rear frame structure on the 2013 versions. The one I have is much stouter/stronger and has a heavier cast iron bumper. The salesman I was talking with at a place I visit quite a bit said it was designed in more pieces like it is to make repairing the rear facia/grill easier. I call BS on that because it is only 4 bolts to take mine off and they are right out in the open to get to. He said that the new frame structure was made in more pieces because it was a LOT less expensive to fix if the rear end was damaged somehow. To do that much damage that you actually could bend the frame rails/structure, you'd have to be hit by a car doing at least 20mph or more, seriously.

    Also, and it may be due to the drive system on the JD's, but I can't see needing anymore than the FX850 for any turf grass. Bushogging- maybe, but not grass. I have run the Z960A with the FX921 and I own this Z950 with the FX850. I have yet to be able to see where the 921 had any advatage over the the 850 in these machines.
  10. mtmower

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    From what I read the forks and the seat are an option across the board. After running FFs I find it hard to go back to a ridged front end.

    I'm concerned and not to sure about the electric deck lift and handle mount control switches. It looks like just another gadget to go bad. I also float my deck a lot on my SZ with FF turning, stopping, over roots, etc. so I'm not sure you have a way to float the R deck since it looks to be all electric? This may cause a problem when adding FF. I'm actually rethinking that I may consider the M instead of the R but I'd be loosing more speed yet which I don't like.

    If it weren't for the deck and positive write ups about them from good folks like you I wouldn't give them a second look. Too much plastic for my liking. Small gas tank. Everything is bolted together (frame). I've seen my share of cast metals breaking where tube steel is rarely an issue unless a faulty weld is involved. I've always thought the rear bumper was an after thought. I can't say I've heard of problems caused by this it's just how it looks to my eye. JD also ticks me off when it comes to their heavy ag stuff and I'm sure this trickles down to mowers and such. But I've been told more than once that because they're so large a company they have items like bearings and the like made just slightly off in size from common bearings so that when one fails you have no choice but to buy from them. Good business planing but if the part costs twice as much shame on them.

    But hey, if they cut the best and make my clippings magically disappear my rear end may be in a yellow seat
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