Super-Z HD vs. Lazer RED EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 1, 2013.

  1. Exmarkboy13

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    I apologize, Ive Ran the Hustler Super Z HD with the Grammar Suspension seat and the Exmark Lazer z x Series, both 60 inch cuts.
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    So EXmarkboy. Give me your take on the two machines compared. Which road better? Best seat? QOC? Where are you located so I have an idea what type of grass your cutting? In my book sometimes a opinion from a different perspective and age is a good thing.
  3. Exmarkboy13

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    No problem. Im in northern ohio, cutting a mix of tall fescues, ryegrass, and kentucky blue. I cut at 3.75 - 4.00 inches usually.

    To make this quick, I personally like the dampeners and feel of the Hustler hydro system and setup. The exmark felt tighter, and while very responsive and smooth, I felt like i could glide around alot easier on the Hustler w/Hyper drive.

    As noted before, the Hustler has a much longer wheel base than the exmark. I demoed the Hustler without Flex forks, and it was deffinately a much smoother/more comfortable ride than the exmark. However, I did like the new Exmark seat alittle better than the Grammar seat. Again, all personal preference.

    QOC--- In weekly dry conditions, both machines left a tabletop finish. I personally own a JD 7iron II deck, which i consider a mix of the Velocity Plus and Ultracut. Ill just repeat what many others have, and what I have found.

    Exmark-- fantastic in weekly DRY conditions. Deffinately doesnt like any type of weeds, and I noticed alot of buildup towards the rear of the discharge opening, which would accumulate, and drop of. Wet grass was a mess with the exmark which is what keeps me from purchasing their mowers. I did not like the deck hangars on the Ultracut, and I deffinately didnt like the greaseless spindles.

    Hustler--- deffinately not as much suction/lift as the Ultracut, as it is not as tightly baffled. Did great in all conditions for the most part. For me, it performed very similar to the Velocity Plus decks. overall, I was impressed, especially after hearing what people on here were saying about them. There was a little issue with dandelion shoots and afew stringers in bi-weekly cuts, but overall, I was pretty happy.

    The Hustler was deffinately a very heavy machine. and the build quality was second to none. Wish they would outfit them with EFI/DFI engines. sucked down about 2 gallons per hour (35 hp)

    The exmark was awful riding, but it did deffinately kick me around alot more than the Hustler did on the same properties/directions. It did do alot better than the Hustler on the few slopes that I have, and I liked how they angled the ROPS back alittle, to push branches up and over, unlike the Hustler. Sorry this isnt a great review, but I gotta get back to studying!!! any questions on anything just ask
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    It's all good. Thanks for the info.

    Sounds like you're leaning toward the JD as your first choice due to QOC, putting the SZ in close second and the X in third do to ride, weeds, and QOC issues when wet out.

    I find it hard to believe your only 14 and this dialed in to mowers. Good luck with the studying.
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    Thanks. im 15 actually, gotta update the sig. I think the 7iron II puts out as smooth a finish as the Ultra cut personally. the Super Z is a great production mower, and it excels at that. Techinically, a mower that size shouldnt really be used on lots under 1 acre or so, so the way it handles clippings and discharges them takes priority over a stragler or two (in the application its intended to be used in)
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    Why are you looking for grease-able spindles?

    Just another maintenance item that takes time and really doesn't make them last any longer. Most of the time your grease-able spindles are the first to fail as you are constantly introducing dirt into the bearings (no matter how well you wipe prior to greasing.

    My new Lazer only has 2 grease fittings and they're only done once a year!
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    This is true, people can talk greaseable bearings all they like, and I've had more than most have ever seen of both greaseable and sealed on farm equipment, especially combines, and the sealed bearings will outlast the greaseable bearings every time, and with no maintenance. I have 39 tunnel fans in chicken houses that many run 24 hrs. a day for 30 weeks out of a year, the ones with greaseable bearings will not last nearly as long as the ones with sealed bearings, and I've kept up with this very closely.
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    I don't have any issues with sealed bearings either. MY 23 yo JD garden tractor still has the original sealed bearings in the deck spindle assemblies, and it is still tight and quiet, and this thing has been used- a LOT.
  9. GMLC

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    How many cars/trucks require wheel bearing grease anymore?

    Greaseless is the way to go now.
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