Super-Z HD vs. Lazer RED EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 1, 2013.

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    Just in case no one's had the need to get into a spindle... On my Ferris and my SZs both had greasable spindles and what they boiled down to was it allows you to shoot grease into the dead space between the bearings to keep moisture and rust at bay. They are not to actually grease the bearings. Hustler manual says on 3-5 pumps per season IIRK. When opened up so you can see the size of the cavity in there it would take almost a full grease cartridge to fill it's void prior to anything being possibly forced into a bearing. FWIW I'll take a sealed bearing any day over a greasable.
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    Human nature dictates this as a normal occurrence...

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    I was able to demo a HD today. Put about 4 hrs. on it. Even after running SZs for the last 12 or so years I still have to say wow! This is one productive machine.

    16 mph can be a little scary even in certain situations. And yes I did cut full stick on one of my bigger thinner grassed properties and it cut clean.

    The big 26" rear tires and front pneumatics make it ride amazingly well even without flex forks. I had the rear tires set at 10 psi and the front at 9 psi. I have never run a Dixie Chopper with the big floatation tires that some had but I would guess this is getting close to the ride I've heard they gave. I would actually bump the psi up more because I noticed some terracing running horizontally on some steep sloped areas.

    The seat isn't by any means pretty. It's plain looking and poorly trimmed out, with loose bear edges hanging out and staples showing, but it felt amazing. One of the most comfortable seats I've used to date.

    The pumps take a lot of hp. This is not a set up, even with the fx1000, that your going to just idle up you trailer ramp with. But crack the rpms and be a little stupid with the sticks and if your not careful it'll pull the front wheels off the ground.

    It's thirsty.

    The deck assist is tons nicer to operate than my 66" xr7. As a matter of fact I had to adjust the spring assist as lax as they would go so the deck didn't bounce easily over rough ground.

    Great smooth clean cut.

    Even thought the center of gravity is higher than my early SZs it held hills better. I'm sure this is somewhat due to it's sneakers being brand new yet and they're some big blocked aggressive treaded ones.

    I did have an annoying buzz from the right hand deck pulley cover that I couldn't make go away.

    The deck idler would chatter hard at low rpms which I'd never had happen on a SZ before.

    The cover over the cooling fan rattled loose and would not tighten down. I think the hold down latch was missing a part or installed incorrectly. I just removed the shield all together for my demo.

    Overall an amazing machine.

    The only negative that will keep me from buying one, is the same as my XR7 had, the clippings come out full length and carpet the cut grass causing me to have to use a backpack blower for quite some time to make the property look good. It was a little bit better than my xr7 but not by much. If they have a baffle kit that could be added to cause the clippings to be processed more I'd already be an owner.

    It's a shame because it's an amazing machine otherwise.

    So sadly it looks like I need to look harder at a Lazer or Cheetah for myself.
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    It's the most amazingly productive machine on the market today, and as you found out, and most have a hard time believing, it will cut grass and do a very good job at full speed.

    I've had none of the problems you spoke of with the rattling and so-forth, just not familiar with this.

    I believe if you are cutting large grass down to a 3" size you will see an excess of the larger clippings, I have seen this, but not to the extent one would need a blower to scatter the clippings.

    The big Kawasaki is thirsty, but when I look back at the amount of grass I've cut in the past hour it becomes more relative.

    I am still amazed at the amount of grass my 2006 year model with the 66" cuts in an hour, then when I take the faster 72" deck and cut even quite a bit more grass in that same hour, it becomes mind boggling.

    Did you not find the cut to be as clean and crisp looking as really any mower on the market today, disregarding the longer clippings that goes with this style deck?

    Did the SZ you were demoing have a 60" deck?

    I think for some reason, can't tell you what, the 72" deck I'm running seems to lack some of the problems I've seen mentioned with the 60".

    After reading again about the deck bounce, I'm sure you were operating a 60" deck, there is no bounce with the big 72".
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    The deck bounce is caused by the hydros. I have also used the 72" with SZ and had 10% of the bouncing I got with the 60". With the 60" I had the deck assist backed off as far as possible, but the deck bouncing was out of control, would cause bad crop circles along with high spots.

    I now have an X1 with the same 60" deck and absolutely no deck bounce!

    The difference is X1 has hydros with much less power, no jerking at all so nothing to lift the deck up.
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    SZ is an excellent machine but only for smooth ground with occasional rough stuff IMHO from experience. Doesnt suit anyone who regularly cuts rough properties.
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    So you traded and got a new X-ONE, is that correct?
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    Yep, did that about 5 months ago. Hustler did the exchange with a refund of the difference, due to my complaint re: deck bouncing and very rough ride/jerking from the large hydros. So Hustler found truth to my complaint, otherwise they would not have refunded the diff and given a brand new X1 to replace the used SZ.

    Before agreeing to the changeover I used the X1 & was more than happy to do the change as the jerking/bouncing was non existant on X1.

    Then 3 months or so later we came out of our drought here in sydney & then became the clumping problems for me. So now I am in the process of selling the X1 and researching for a new machine.
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    Nice review! Was the seat isolated with rubber like the eXmarks? They mention isolation in the brochure.

    All open front decks are going to leave long clippings. From Toros old SFS, Velocity+, 7 Iron, and VX4. There isn't any inner chamber processing that you have on tighter baffled decks.


    The sensitive hydros are part of it. The two mowers use a slightly different lift geometry. Also factor in that the SZ uses flat free casters and the X1 uses air filled. Maybe a little more flex in the caster arms as well.
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    Im quite confident its solely the hydros, as I can take the X1 over very rough stuff at speed without bouncing. So if rough ground had much influence on deck bounce then it would bounce for me on the X1. The SZ would have that bouncing at a very slow pace over ruts.

    Anyhow its a shame, as apart from that the hydros are great, silky smooth on smooth ground.

    & they obviously suit most ppl. :drinkup:

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