Super-Z HD vs. Lazer RED EFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TLS, May 1, 2013.

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    I guess what I was saying is that if you put the SuperZ hydros on your X1 and changed nothing else, you would not all of a sudden have deck bounce.

    There are several other factors at play as I mentioned above.
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    That is very interesting, I've never seen or heard of anyone complaining with clumping in the type stiff blade grass cut in my area. The hydraulics on my 72" Super Z are as smooth as silk, absolutely no type jerking or jumping.

    I love to hear the differences in experiences with different mowers and grasses cut in other areas, it is amazing at the variances. This is one of the things that makes LawnSite so interesting.
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    Either I don't remember the reason or maybe I never did read why, but Did you not ever get the Gravely 460 to an acceptable cut quality level?

    I remember you tried alot of different blades and deck adjustments (pitch, etc) but I'm not sure that I remember the main issue that you were having with the Cut quality?

    Do you still have the Gravely? If so, why not try to work out a deck swap (for the new X Factor 2) or trade machines? From what i've read in GMLC's thread about the new deck, it has the adjustable front baffles to help fine tune the deck for your cutting conditions, plus it would give you some of the features of the Exmark and Scag deck, being a pretty tight but adjustable front baffle set up but with a larger discharge opening than the orig. X Factor deck.

    Were there any other problems with the 460 Gravely that you mentioned in the thread that you had originally discussed the issue in?


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    The buzz I'm sure is just a matter of a clearance issue or spot weld in the metal shield. It was not a concern.

    The chatter of the deck idler was a little more bothersome. I added a great deal more tension to it than I have on my xr7 and that lessened it. Only noticeable at low rpms, like when engaging and disengaging the pto.

    It was a 60" deck I demoed. Sorry I omitted that info. I'm sure a 66" or 72" would not have any problems

    The deck assist was actually a pleasant surprise. After backing the assist off all the way it was doable but still has some bounce. A non issue once a stripe kit is added to it I'm sure.

    If I don't trade in or sell my xr7 my next plan is to purchase the new heavier duty springs for it to make it easier to operate.

    The cut was perfect other than a little scalping that I believe was due to the deck being a little lower when set at the 2.75" mark than my other decks.

    I understand where your coming from when talking about gph in relationship to production. If it takes 1/3 more time to cut with a Lazer due to speed then the gph savings is not as big a factor.

    Puppy if you haven't demoed an HD you gotta try it. The seat, the speed, and the tires were truly a beautiful thing. I didn't put my gps on it but I know my xr7 is doing a strong honest 14.5 mph and the HD was almost scary. I made pass and pass again full stick looking for cut issues and couldn't believe how well it did. Given the grass was a little thinner but I was taking off 2-3" and it has clover and clumps of field grass here and there speckled with dandelions. I've read where some think the vx4 didn't do as well as the xr7 with dandelions but it left none standing for me even at speed. I started out the day with the front baffle in the 2nd lowest position and later lowered it all the way to see how it would do. I think it may be better all the way down for my grasses.
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    Green I disagree. I believe it was all to due with too much assist and the rough surface. I had no negative hydro issues to speak of other than noticing I needed to up the rpms from idle to climb my trailer ramp if you can call that a negative. I chalked it up to the bigger system just requiring the rpms. My other SZ is happier off idle as well just not as noticeable.
  6. mtmower

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    I guess to each there own but I have to disagree again. I haven't had the pleasure to ride a full suspension Ferris as of yet but I've run a Cheetah and other notable good riding mowers and the HD is at the top of the stack even before the flex forks. The seat, oversize tires, and I'm sure balance and length made for a overly impressive ride. I'd say with the flex forks it should have as nice or nicer than the Cheetah I demoed. To be fair the Cheetah was a 54" deck which I believe has a smaller frame and foot print than the 61" I'd would be buying. The other thing Cheetah has going for it is the sticks move with the platform so the operator does not need to absorb movement to the sticks on a machine where the sticks are mounted ridged to the frame and the seat moves.
  7. mtmower

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    No rubber isolators at least not the visible ones like we see between the seat rails and frame. They may incorporate something internally under the rubber billow like skirt at the base that I didn't see. Like I mentioned when I first saw it the first thing that hit me was it was nothing to look at. Raw vinal sticking out around the back of the seat and visible staples here and there at the attaching edge in the rear. They have the harder vacuum fit vinal like the previous Hustlers had. Then I verified it is an air ride. I didn't have the manuals to show how to operate it but found it's has a manual air pump. A lever flips out front and center and you push down to release air and lift up from center position to pump air in. Two to four pumps moves the seat pretty quick. It has a reference indicator to show you the optimum position. On the lower left is a lever you flip left to allow full motion fore and aft and flip right to lessen about 80%. It has a reclining lever right rear which allows forward tilt quite a bit for bad backs. There are large horizontal cylinders to spin under each arm rest for quick height/angle adjustment. Another mind blower for me was the adjustment front to rear! This thing seemed to adjust close to a foot from end to end of travel. I'm almost six foot and could put this seat so far back that I would have trouble placing the deck in transport lock. Full forward and you are so far forward you would need to adjust the sticks to get full reverse. Again the ride was the best I've had yet ugly or not.

    TLS, a correction, even for me. Not all SZ come with flat frees!! The HD came with pneumatics out of the box. Another plus for this machine IMB.
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    Some pics of the HD. Note the tires. I didn't realize that they now are mounting their muffler horizontally down low either till now. Nice fuel gauge. I like the pull knob verses the lever for the choke so if I grab for it blind I don't have two sticks to choose from (throttle and choke).





  9. mtmower

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    First pictures are of clipping issue. I wouldn't consider any of what I have as clumping because it's fanned out but at the high end homes I service I can't leave it looking like this, just not acceptable. So the question is do I just buy the HD and blow clippings?

    Other pics are of my full stick property.




  10. mtmower

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    I guess I'm a little confused and hopeful on the Velocity deck. The 48" V Ride had no turbo baffle. The 52" Cheetah I couldn't see easily if it had a turbo baffle due the blower for the bagger so I'm not sure. But the brochure shows the Velocity deck with a turbo baffle on it. I was hoping that this turbo baffle would make the difference in the clipping length by causing it to process the clippings more. Now I'm not sure if a 61" Cheetah even has the turbo baffle and even if it does whether it would put out smaller clippings as a result.

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