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Super Z Leavng strips

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by MRL, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. MRL

    MRL LawnSite Member
    from 62025
    Messages: 1

    Great forum I am happy I found it. I am at wits end with my super Z. I have a year old Super Z 60" 27Hp L/C Kaw with 33 hours on it. From day one it has left two strips of grass between the blades. I have talked to my dealer at least 7 tmes and have taken the mower to his shop twice, both times they sharpen the blades which have less than an hour on them and send it back saying everyhing is working fine. After my hour and half drive home I find out the strips are still there. I have checked belt tension sharpened or had sharped the blades at least 6 times on regular and gator blades. I have mowed the same ground two and three times in a row and the strips are still here. I have had to take pictures of the grass to prove it to my dealer. Now he says from the picture he thinks I am going to fast, not the case I have xperimented with all kinds of speeds and deck height. I mow every 5 days. Nothing seems to help, I feel as though I got what seems to be the rare exception to the Husler rule of quality. Sorry if I sound bitter, but I had been dealing with this on a weekly basis for a year and everytime I call, I have to start over and nothing works. The lastest fix is the fusion blades, I have read that they are great and I dont doubt it, but I bought the gators on my dealers recommendation and those did not work. So yet another expense on a brand new mower I have three sets of blades and I dont have 40 hrs on the machine yet. I have not tried the new blades because I think there is bigger problem and I dont want to put more money into the machine until I have an answer, but my dealer wants me to BUY the new blades and try. I found this site and read though a lot of the forum and realized that this is where the big dogs hang out so if you would throw the new dog on the block a bone. I have two close friends with Super Z and they are awesome. I am pretty sure I ruptured my spindle bearings, again the dealer told me I could not put too much grease on them so I greased them after every other mow and now I have grease everywhere.

    Thank You
  2. mowerconsultant

    mowerconsultant LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Syracuse, NY
    Messages: 9,769

    Grease your spindles once a season or every 500 hours, which ever comes first.
    Install the new Fusion blades, and blade spacers.
    You can open up the discharge opening, if this has not been done yet,your dealer has the bulletin to do this.
    Make sure the deck is leveled and pitched correctly.
    Make sure the blade belt is tight, per the owners manual.
    Make sure the deck is clean of "clumped" or built up grass.
    Make sure the engine RPM's are set per the owners manual.
    Your dealer can do all this for you, your unit is under warranty and this should cost you nothing.
    The cutting issues you are having will be taken care of with everything I have listed here, we made the changes in the blade and discharge opening almost a year ago, and this took care of the issues you are having.
    If you have any problems with your dealer doing this for you, let me know.


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